‘Farmer Ben’ Gets Up Close with Aunika and Tati!

Adelaide Zoo opened their doors to South Australia’s very own Farmer Ben on Friday, giving him a special behind the scenes tour and introducing him to some of their most famous inhabitants.

Farmer Ben is a contestant on the popular Channel 9 series, The Farmer Wants a Wife, where farmers from across Australia are given the chance to find love.

Farmer Ben may be a country boy but he’s no stranger to exotic animals having travelled extensively overseas, including an African safari where he experienced the ‘big 5’ up close.

“It’s amazing, you can’t trade it for anything,” he says.

Animal loving Farmer Ben got up close and personal with Adelaide Zoos giant tortoises Aunika and Tati who weigh around 150kg and can live up to 100 years.

“When I go overseas, I go to as many zoos as I can,” he says.

“Theres always something different to offer.”

Farmer Ben also got to feed some cockroaches to one of the zoos chameleons, see some Quokka’s and meet the famous Panda’s Wang Wang & Funi.

He may have travelled the world but Farmer Ben says The Farmer Wants A Wife has been an amazing experience.

“I’ve had the best time from start to finish doing it and I think if anyone has enough actual balls to put themselves out there like that, they certainly won’t regret it,” he says.

With so many dating shows on TV these days, Farmer Ben still thinks its possible to find true love on them.

“You do get so many girls that are interested in the show, so it’s just different circumstances trying to get to know them,” he says.

“Theres so many different girls, you should be able to find what you want.”

He explains the going on the show has changed him for the better.

“I was sort of a confident person beforehand but now I’m confident around different types of people, not just my friends and family.”

On the next episode of The Farmer Wants a Wife, Farmer Ben will choose between Janine and Lucy, who have been staying with him on his farm in the Clare Valley.

While some farmers on the show live in the remotest parts of Australia, only living an hour and  half from Adelaide means Farmer Ben can still visit the big city.

“I went to boarding school in Adelaide and I get down here pretty often,” he says.

“I have a few mates in bands so we’ll come watch them, the zoo’s always a good thing to come and I love the beach.”

While he won’t give anything away as to who he will pick, there’s not too long to wait until the final episode of The Farmer Wants a Wife on Wednesday night at 8:30pm on Channel 9.

To find out more about the show visit The Farmer Wants a Wife website

If you want to experience the Adelaide Zoo like Farmer Ben visit

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