National Chiropractic Care Week, It’s Time to ‘Just Start Walking’

It’s Time to ‘Just Start Walking’

To coincide with National Chiropractic Care Week (May 23 – 29), the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia (CAA) has launched a major new initiative aimed at encouraging people to boost their activity levels and improve their posture, simply by walking.

And, to get the message across to today’s IT-connected community, the CAA has released a new ‘Just Start Walking’ website and free, downloaded mobile phone app.

According to the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia South Australia (CAASA) President, Dr Brett Hill (chiropractor), our modern lifestyle sees people more mobile and connected through portable technology, but in turn less active physically.

“Hunching over a desk or using a computer or mobile device for an extended period of time can lead to poor posture problems, issues with balance and coordination, or even pain,” he said.

“We are encouraging people to Just Start Walking as walking is a terrific form of exercise that strengthens your body and helps position your spine in the natural shape it was designed for – being upright.

“Regular walking will also build up your core strength, which is an important part of maintaining good posture and will help you to maintain better posture during your other daily activities,” he said.

A new Just Start Walking website has been launched to help people put their best foot forward with tips on how to walk and maintain motivation, information on the link between walking and posture and handy tools to set walking goals or find a walking event.

And, a free Just Start Walking mobile phone application can also be downloaded to track your walks, log your walking history, share your walks with friends online, find walking events or even locate your local CAA member chiropractor.

“Technology is here to stay, so we are taking the message about being mobile and active to people’s computers and mobile phones and encouraging people to quite simply, just start walking,” Dr Hill said.

Walking – the right way

  • Maintain upright posture throughout – head up and body balanced
  • Slightly increase your arm swing (hand crosses over mid-line of body)
  • Stride out briskly with relaxed hips
  • Remember to breathe fully and deeply.

To find out more log on to

The Just Start Walking initiative is designed to raise awareness about the importance of keeping active, the benefits this can offer to your overall wellbeing and spinal health, as well as providing an easy-to-use program to encourage regular physical activity.

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