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10 Extraordinary Places You Won’t Believe Are In SA

A guide to ten extraordinary places you won’t believe are in South Australia. Time to explore your backyard and discover some incredible attractions.

South Australia is full of hidden gems, and it only takes the right research to find them. With mesmerising views and unique experiences, you wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.

We’ve compiled a selection of the top 10 extraordinary places in South Australia that are definitely worth checking out.

1. Umpherston Sinkhole

The Umpherston Sinkhole, located in Mount Gambier, is a ‘see it to believe it’ attraction.

The Umpherston Sinkhole showcases hanging vines, flowers and occassionally, some friendly possums. Thanks to the dissolution of the limestone, this sinkhole creates a unique and fascinating experience for everyone to enjoy.


For more information, click here.

2. Lake Bumbunga

Lake Bumbunga, also known as the Pink Lake, is a favourite amongst both locals and tourists. Its baby pink changes from blue to purple with the seasons.

The perfect place for an Instagram picture or the main attraction for a day out with the family, Lake Bumbunga is approximately two hours north from Adelaide and definitely worth the drive.


3. Remarkable Rocks

Who would’ve thought a group of granite boulders would be a such a popular attraction? Well, it is and we can definitely see why. These granite boulders have been through 500 million years worth of rain, wind and rough waves to get to their final look.

Remarkable Rocks are located at Flinders Chase National Park in Kangaroo Island. It is a must-see attraction while on your trip to Kangaroo Island. You can expect to be pushed and pulled from the gush of wind around the rocks, so wear suitable footwear.


More information here.

4. The Manor Basket Range

The Manor Basket Range is an historic estate located in the Adelaide Hills and was built in 1935. The name reflects what this castle look-a-like building is made of which is Basket Range Stone.

The Manor is most popular as a wedding venue with its picturesque elements. Feel like a princess by standing at the top of the building when exploring The Manor, whether you’re getting married or just visiting.


5. Naracoorte Caves

The Naracoorte Caves are an attraction worth checking out for some eye-opening sights. The caves are full of gravity-defying structures and a selection of fossils from species we’ve never met.

This would be the perfect place to spend a day with the family exploring outback South Australia and discovering unseen beauties.


6. State Library of South Australia

The State Library of South Australia is one of those places that Harry Potter fans will love to explore. With its traditional set up and historic look, the state library has quite the character.

With picture-perfect hallways and historic structures right in the heart of the Adelaide CBD, it would be almost rude not to check it out. More information here.


7. Whispering Wall

What was once a wall of the Barossa Reservoir between 1899 and 1903, it is now an acoustic sound system. The remains of this wall have created an epic experience where you can whisper to a friend on the other side of the dam and hear them clearly.

This is definitely an experience to add to the bucket list for a bit of fun as well as checking out the surrounding dam and peaceful bushland. More information here.


8. Blue Lake

Similar to the Pink Lake, the Blue Lake offers a beautiful creation of nature for everyone to admire. The Blue Lake gets its name from its seasonal change of colour from a sombre blue to an intense, deep turquoise blue.

Filling the space of a now-extinct volcano within the Mount Gambier region, this is a pit-stop you don’t want to miss. Find out more here.


9. Port Willunga Beach Caves

Not only is Port Willunga Beach the perfect place to spend an entire Summer’s day at, but it is also worth the trip down there any time throughout the year.

Located along the Fleurieu Pensinsula, the Port Willunga Beach caves are a fun addition to the typical beach experience where you can set up camp in one of the caves while watching the waves crash against the shore. You may even score a view of the Star of Greece shipwreck.


10. Mount Lofty Botanic Gardens

Something different to the usual botanic gardens, the Mount Lofty Botanic Gardens highlight the natural wonders of nature with pretty trees and relaxing walking trails.

Perfect for a picnic under the sun with family or friends, this place offers an exntesnive amount of green grass and autumn-kissed leaves. Piles of dried leaves are also on offer to run through or throw into the air.


Honourable Mentions

Our list only highlights a select few of great and unique attractions within South Australia. Here are a few more if you ever need a cool place to explore and escape your regular routine.

Seal Bay | Kangaroo Island
d’Arenburg Cube | McLaren Vale
Horseshoe Bay | Port Elliot
Heysen Trail
Mount Osmond Lookout and Walking Trails
Sand Dunes | Kangaroo Island
The Big Rocking Horse | Adelaide Hills
Talia Caves
Flinders Ranges
Great Australian Bight

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