Adelaide-based jewellery label Epsilon launches new pearl collection with nostalgic twist

Adelaide-based jewellery label Epsilon has just released its recent collection which is a nod to the owner’s strong heritage.

Epsilon Jewels is an Adelaide-based and 100% woman-owned designer jewellery brand. It expresses an effortless and elegant style created for the women we have come to know and recognise in today’s modern and ever-changing world.

Its recent collection that just launched called Thalassa is known in Greek mythology as the general word for ‘sea’ and for its diving female personification. This beautiful collection showcases an elegant range of freshwater pearls designed to elevate any look.

Thalassa was the greek primordial goddess (protogenos) of the sea, which is a representation of Owner’s Kris Lloyd and daughter-in-law Laura Lloyd’s greek heritage.

“The name of the business, Epsilon, is also named from my Greek heritage. It pays homage to my grandmother as it’s the 5th letter of the Greek alphabet and I have great memories of reciting it with her when I was younger,” Kris says.

“We also do evil eyes [which is a symbol that’s the shape of an eye which is used to ward off evil intentions] as my grandmother never used to let me leave the house without one. There’s a lot of nostalgic influences in the brand as well as greek heritage.

“I want to make sure there’s a story behind each collection.”

Founded over two years ago, each collection tells a story, rich with detail; a conscious brand where design, quality and an authentic attitude brings together a cohesive collection of elevated pieces.

Each piece that’s created is conceptualised, then drawn in detail and designed, with a focus on organic shapes and natural textural subtlety.

“I want to create things that are really organic and textual, I have a range called Wattle for example which is based off the bark of a Wattle Tree. There’s lots of opportunities to bring in nice and natural elements,” Kris says.

Epsilon 925 Sterling Silver 24ct Gold Plate and Solid 9ct Gold Pieces at times are finished with hand harvested fresh-water pearls and brilliant cut semi-precious stones.

“We are truly excited to be on this journey and looking forward to bringing our next collection alive and to share it with people across Australia and the World,” Kris says.

Epsilon Jewels
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