$10k Fashion Scholarship On Offer This July

Looking for a chance to showcase at New York Fashion Week in front of international buyers with $10k to distribute your designs? DHL Exported are offering just that…

I’m sure we’ve all heard of DHL the shipping and logistics company. God knows how many late night fashion purchases have arrived in that yellow and red van! But apart from delivering our beloved packages to our door, you wouldn’t think they have anything more to do with the fashion industry, right?

The DHL tee is like, vintage style and stuff.

The DHL tee is like, vintage style and stuff.

Well, DHL are launching their 2016 Fashion Export Scholarship. What? A shipping company and fashion scholarship? How does that work? Well, aside from an expert campaign where the DHL shirt has claimed hipster culture (yes, it’s not the hipsters claiming something for a change), the International Management Group (isn’t that who Jerry Maguire leaves in the movie?) are co-partners which would explain the cailbre of prize on offer.

This scholarship offers the winner a $10k export grant and mentorship with IMG, so basically it’s like a master key to unlocking a world of potential! And $10k worth of exporting your designs around the globe. We can only imagine that’s a lot of shipping. The prize doesn’t end there though; it also includes a trip to New York Fashion week, access to shows, and a chance to participate in the DHL Exported showcase. Throw in there as well an exclusive meeting with an international buyer to present your collection to.

This is an opportunity of a life time to say the least, and previous winners include Australian designers, By Johnny, Michael Lo Sordo, Khalo, Hayono Setidti, we are handsome, and Bec & Bridge; all of whom have since successfully launched their business’ overseas.

We would love to see a local Adelaidian win and take over the fashion world, so to enter all you need to do is complete an official application and submit a design portfolio via this link. Entries will be judged by fashion industry leaders, much like in Zoolander, across a variety of categories including: design, marketing, business and export strategy.

The cut off is July 22nd, so you’ve got 2 weeks to get your act together. Winners will be announced August/September (which is like 5 minutes away).

Still not convinced? Well, DHL Exported and their collaboration with IMG is a global program. Yes global. Combining DHL’s logistics capabilities with the power of Fashion Week, not unlike some sort of amazingly fast very chic super hero, you can apply to show in New York, London, Milan or Tokyo; and the winner in each market will receive a fully funded show to debut their collections for TWO seasons with strategic assistance from DHL and IMG.

Look, we’re not telling you what’s good for you, but here’s the entry link again: this link here. Now off you go. Stop just showing off your talent locally, and get amongst the world stage.

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