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10 Fringe Shows To See On International Women’s Day

Celebrate International Women’s Day with the Adelaide Fringe.

Celebrate International Women’s Day at the Adelaide Fringe with kick-ass female Fringe shows, discounted shows and special performances. Unfold Fringe in Rundle Mall stage will feature all female artists from 11am to 2pm today. The event will be hosted by local comedienne Tessa Waters and will feature performances from Fringe artists including Alice Fraser and Kiki Bittovabitsch.
Adelaide Fringe Ambassador Adrienne Truscott will also be doing a special once-off performance of her hit show ‘Asking For It’  at The Garden of Unearthly Delights that evening, and she will be donating the proceeds to a local women’s shelter.

Gender Equality Discount

The following Fringe shows will also be offering a 16.2% (the national gender pay gap) discount (code word ‘stepitup’) to see their March 8 performances:
Yianni Agisilaou: The UnPinchable Pink Pen
Tessa Waters: Fully Sik
Adrienne Truscott: Asking For It
James Nokise: Australia, Let’s Talk About the Golliwogs
Becky Lou: Real Woman
Seen & Heard
Butt Kapinski
Shirley Gnome: Taking it Up the Notch
The Kagools: Tutti
Charlie Caper & Malin Nilsson: Minor Miracles
Frehd the Clown: Stripped Bare
The Desperettes: A Guide to Being a Wingman

Top 11 Must-See Fringe Shows On International Women’s Day:

Adrienne Truscott’s Asking For It – Corona Theatre at The Garden, 9.30pm

Still pantsless with a point, Adrienne Truscott dressed only from the waist up and the ankles down, undresses the rules and rhetoric about rape culture, comedy and the awkward laughs in between. Updated to move with the times, it’s the same award-winning show that played to sold-out houses in 2015, but updated to move with the times! Asking For It will be a special once-off performance to mark International Women’s Day, with proceeds set to be donated to a local women’s shelter.

Angel by Henry Naylor – Holden Street Theatres, 9.15pm

Kobane, 2014: there’s a siege as fierce as Stalingrad. ISIS, having steam-rollered through Iraq, expect to take the town easily. But the citizens have found a heroine: a crackshot sniper, with 100 kills to her name. And she appears indestructible. She’s the Angel of Kobane.

Real Woman – Henrietta’s at The Henry Austin, 7.30pm

Becky Lou is often told by audience members how refreshing and empowering it is to see a ‘real woman’ dance provocatively on stage. Becky Lou nods politely through three sets of false eyelashes, her weave wobbling on top of her dyed, sprayed and heat curled hair.

The storytelling striptease Queen returns to Adelaide Fringe with her second solo offering. From Dolly Doctor and first kisses to navigating beauty, fertility and life choices as a woman in her mid-30s, Becky adds her honest and evocative stories to hilarious neo-burlesque, asking ‘What is a real woman?’ and ‘How real do you want me to be?’

Anya Anastasia: Rogue Romantic – The Black Forest at RCC, 8pm

Feisty, feminist, fierce. This multi-award-winning, internationally acclaimed cabaret femme fatale has gone ROGUE, armed with a biting wit and a lust for revenge. After a hit season at the Edinburgh Fringe, watch her smash the stage with a star-studded band. 

Tessa Waters: Fully Sik – The Spare Room at The Garden, 7pm

High-octane sketches and improv stupidity smash together as multi-award winning comedian Tessa Waters (Over Promises/WOMANz) returns to Adelaide to take her audience on a joy-ride through her ‘Fully Sik’ sense of humour.

Kiki Bittovabitsch – Le Petite Grande at Gluttony, 9.20pm

A smack you in the face interactive comedy that will leave you loved up. A genius blend of stand up and physical comedy!

Kiki is the love child of Dame Edna and Borat. Fully Disclothed is a genuinely touching and hilarious experience. Kiki heralds from the country of Kazador and since leaving, she cannot find it again! So she has been travelling the world sharing stories from her country and looking for a place to call home.

Drunk Girl – Tandanya Arts Café at Live from Tandanya, 9.15pm

Part theatre piece and part storytelling, Drunk Girl explores the intimacy, tenacity, celebration and terror of women who drink.

Performer Thea Fitz-James tells stories about underage, small-town drinking and brings the drunk girl to life, exploring her contradictory place in the contemporary imagination. Drunk Girl is that moment when the party takes a turn, but it’s too late to leave: we’re implicated now, caught in a rollercoaster of calorie-counting keg parties, false feminisms, denial and love.

 Quarter Life Crisis – The GC at The German Club, 7.45pm

Steph went to uni, got a job, fell in and out of love and then… and then what? It’s the eve of her 25th birthday and she’s started to question a few things. Is this life? Is this adulthood? Is this it? A cheeky one woman show based on a collection of real experiences. A celebration of bad life choices and peanut butter.

Altar Girl – Treasury Tunnels at Adina Apartment Hotel Adelaide Treasury, 8pm

Following the sold out season at Melbourne Fringe Festival, Altar Girl is a modern day adaption of Shakespeare’s Othello told from the perspective of teenage girls at the biggest party of the year seeking revenge and power using weapons of sexuality, pills and vicious gossip. Altar Girl is a highly collaborative and immersive piece, exploring the frightening and violent nature that is coming of age and coming out.

How to be a Modern Woman – La Boheme, 9pm

According to the Kinsey Report, there have been two major transitions in human mating in the last four million years. The first was around 10,000 years ago during the agricultural revolution and led to the institution of marriage. The second is with the rise of the Internet.

Join Kristen Lawler as she navigates the complicated world of online dating. How honest is too honest? Is 50 too old to join Tinder? Should you swipe right for someone who has S & M equipment as their profile pic? And can you really find true love online?

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