11 Of The Best Crowd Participation Fringe Shows Coming This Year

Whether you are an adrenaline junkie who loves the thrill of being called up on stage, or simply enjoy participating in artfully created interactive performances and experiences, this Fringe guide is for you.


Audience participation and interaction. While we secretly love to watch others embrace (or cringe through) their moments of fame on stage, it is something that a lot of us completely dread. Whether you are an adrenaline junkie who loves the thrill of being called up on stage, or simply enjoy participating in artfully created interactive performances and experiences, this Fringe guide is for you. Take a look.

Naughty Hands: Signs of Love, Lust and Insults

Barry Priori, Adelaide’s Funniest Deaf guy, is back by popular demand. Come for a walk on the wild side as Barry teaches us the signs of love, lust and ALL the insults. Expect an R rated journey into the Deaf world. By the end of the night you’ll be signing your favourite naughty words. Everyone gets involved by picking a word from the swear jar, so leave those inhibitions at the door, shake out those hands and give it a go. 17 March.

This immersive role-playing game was the undisputed, sell-out hit of the 2017 Adelaide & Edinburgh Fringe. As night falls on the town of Millers Hollow, there’s trouble afoot and werewolves are stalking the innocent villagers. As each morning breaks, the death toll rises and it’s up to the villagers to try and find the werewolves lurking in plain sight among them. Each audience member has a role to play and are pitted against each other as they try to weed out the werewolves and avoid lynching their own. This is a definite must see. 16 February – 17 March.
This is a fun and interactive show for an audience of one at a time. This show takes place in a public cafe, but you’re the only one who knows a show is happening. Help to plan an exciting event, where your decisions matter and are key to how things play out. After you purchase your ticket, you will fill out a questionnaire with general interests (and your coffee order!) to make you a character in the show. Sounds entirely intriguing (and perhaps has a promise of coffee?), so be sure to check it out. 28 February – 10 March.
Whether you are a gym junkie or the thought of group exercise makes you cringe, this is the event for you. Not your regular exercise class, this is a workout for the body AND the mind where you will be led through different physical movements whilst your mind is taken on a journey you won’t soon forget. Known as ‘mindfulness for those who hate sitting still’, it will leave you feeling refreshed, reinvigorated, and ready to attack the day as well as some of your inner demons. Wear comfortable clothes and prepare to sweat and participate. 24 February – 3 March.
Combining food with music, art and performance to create immersive and interactive eating experiences, the intimate multi-sensory world of Post Dining in a bite-sized offering like no other. As weekly award winners of the John Chataway Innovation Award 2017, expect something different as you are swept into the delicious narratives of native flavours paired to curated sounds. Guided by Post Dining staff, be ready for another immersive experience you won’t forget. 1 March – 4 March.
Shake, muddle and stir your way through time, mastering the techniques and discovering the science that is mixology. Balance, blend and fine tune your creations with premium spirits, starting with an iconic drink and finishing with it’s modernised counterpart. Make two cocktails every week and complete the entire series or come along to learn a favourite. This fun and engaging experience is a great way to start any exciting night at the fringe. 14 February – 15 March.
Clubbing without the hangover… Yes please! This is a fitness dance party like no other. No high heels or make up required.  Pop on your active wear and glow sticks (provided) and get ready to dance it up on the dance floor to the hottest new tunes and your fave tracks from the 80’s, 90’s, 00’s. 26 – 27 February.
Selfies After Dark makes you a participant in the night out of social media famous Stephanie, experiencing the sensory overload of life in the spotlight through her social media updates, and exposing her real life through covert captures from the stalkers. Filmmaker Brendan Hay applies his cinematic vision, storytelling skills and editing background to present content to an audience in innovative ways. Sure to be eye-opening and original, this looks like a fascinating take on audience interaction. 15 February – 17 March.


Back for his third year at Adelaide Fringe, Wayne Donnelly is bringing fresh new routines to amaze and astound you. Get ready to be entertained in this hilarious hypnosis comedy show. Volunteers self-select and enter the stage to perform outrageously funny routines from the depths of their unconscious mind. Be sure you don’t look into his eyes!

This interactive event is your dog’s chance to be a circus star. Ringmasters will guide you through some simple tricks to get your creative juices and confidence flowing, preparing you for performing under the big top. Simply bring your dog, some tasty treats, a sense of humour and an openness to new and exciting ideas. So not only an interactive event for you, but for your dog as well.
Escape Room Treasure Hunt returns for its third year, with a brand new room. You and your team work in a 1920s prohibition-era speakeasy… but the cops will be raiding it. You have 45 minutes to hide all the booze, or face arrest. 
Interactive shows have never looked better. So be sure to check them out this Fringe 2018.

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