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12 Months To Fabulous. Your Must Know Dates For Beauty And Health Leading Up To Your Wedding

We’ve compiled a countdown of all the important dates you’ll need to know before for your wedding.

If you’ve ever tried dieting for a big event, only to leave your health kick too late for any results to appear, you’ll know the importance of pre-planning ahead of a big event. This guide is here (as a GUIDE only) to help give you an idea of how far out you need to plan different treatments, health kicks, and even wedding bookings/shopping so that you stay ahead of the game if you were considering it. We’re certainly not suggesting that you do all of these things and it’s most definitely not a must-do list for everyone – it’s for those who have ever wondered when they should pencil these types of things in pre-wedding or big event if they were interested in that treatment. I’ve actually written this as it’s a guide I wish someone showed me when I was planning for my wedding last year. Laser hair removal a month out from the event? Yeah, no. You need to organise this stuff WAY ahead.

So I’ve spoken to the professionals, and gotten some key dates for treatments, exercise routines, hair, and more (the most requested things by brides) so if you’re considering anything on this list, you know when to start.

And if none of this is for you? Fabulous. We’re not suggesting you need to do any of it. It’s just here for those of us who had no idea where to start.

As with any procedures, results vary from person to person, so please consult a professional before going ahead with anything we’ve listed below.

12 Months Out


We’ve said 12 months out, but really people are booking their venues YEARS ahead. If you’re thinking of a popular venue like Bird in Hand winery, you’ll want to check available dates as soon as humanly possible. Once your dream venue is locked in, you can start getting ideas for the rest of the event to fit with the location.


Laser hair removal requires multiple sessions to take effect. If you want to be super smooth for your honeymoon, NYE or a great holiday, make sure you start early. For permanent results, most clients need 6-10 treatments. Treatments are carried out every 5-6 weeks to target the several cycles of hair growth. The guys over at SILK Laser Clinics recommend commencing laser hair removal 12 months in advance for optimal results. Then all you’ll need is the odd touch up going forward. This Easter, they happen to have an epic hair removal sale on – so you can bulk buy your sessions now and use them over the next 6 months. Check it out here:


If you are new to cosmetic injections it’s recommended you try it at least 6-8 months before your big day.

Anti Wrinkle Injections

Try at least 6 months before. Anti-Wrinkle injections last approx. 4 months.  Book in 4-8 weeks before your big day for maximum impact and to allow healing of any bruising.

Dermal Fillers (eg cheeks)

Try it 12 months out. Top up 4-8 weeks before the big day to allow for any bruising to resolve.

9 Months Out


Sam from Orbe North Adelaide who just won SA Hairdresser of the Year (we trust her advice) says get onto booking yourself and your bridal party in for both the trial and wedding day at least 9-12 months ahead. Hair salons tend to book out their appointments up to a year in advance for normal clients and weddings. It gets extremely busy during peak wedding season. You don’t need to know all of the specifics at this stage just lock in your numbers and dates for now. Soon you’ll want to work out are the bridesmaids having trials too, who’s paying etc.

6 Months Out


If this is something you want to try, book an appointment at least 6 months out for first timers and then have them done 1 month out to allow time to settle and for potential bruising to disappear.


If you have redness across your face (like I do), it’s actually treatable (I had no idea). If you want to try this treatment, you’ll want to commence 6 months out, as you’ll need at least 2 treatments, 4 weeks apart. It can also enflame, so ensure you have your last treatment a minimum one month prior.


Similar to rosacea removal, you should commence 6 months out as you’ll need at least 2 treatments 4 weeks apart. It can also enflame, so ensure you have your last treatment a minimum one month prior.


It’s recommended that you commence this a minimum 6 months out. You’ll need at least 4 Treatment to get optimal results (noticeable results after 1-2 treatments). Also make sure you leave a minimum of one month prior to your big event.


This is another treatment that you should look at starting 6 months out for optimum results. Leave your last treatment at least 1 month out from your event.


If you’re getting married, start looking at dresses and bridesmaid gowns – these take around 12-16 weeks to deliver once ordered (ages we know!)

4 Months Out


From skin rejuvenation, reversal of hair loss to age spot removal, Factor4 delivers noticeable results within 3 weeks of the first treatment and great results after the fourth plasma treatment. It’s recommended that you have four Factor4 treatments and yearly top ups to get the best results. The initial treatments should be spaced 2-4 weeks apart. You can read more about this new technology at the Factor4 website here. In a nutshell it’s similar to Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP Therapy) but this an even better in its ability to reduce the signs of ageing. Factor4 is now available at Advanced Cosmetic Medicine in North Adelaide.

3 Months Out


From Michelle Bridges, to Kayla Itsines, and more – there are stacks of great 12 week programs out there. If you actually follow the program (no cheating now), you can get some incredible results in time for your big event.


While this isn’t a 12-week program, 12 weeks is more than enough time to get some outstanding results from this high intensity fitness program. Popular across the world, OrangeTheory Hawthorn has only recently come to Adelaide and has already gathered a legion of fans. This is definitely something to get on board if you’re trying to see results in a short amount of time.


Commence at least two months prior, ideally longer. You’ll need to book a session every 2 weeks, up until 1 week before your big day.

2 Months Out


Now’s the time to decide on your hair colour, cut and style. This should leave you around three hair appointments (6-8 weeks apart) before the wedding to get that perfect look, any touch ups and changes.


If you’ve never had hair extensions, give it a try at least 8 weeks out from the big day. Then you can see if you like them for 6 weeks before your next appointment is due. If you love them, do the same again 2 weeks out from the event so you give them time to settle and grow slightly away from your scalp so they hang more smoothly.

1 Month Out


Minimum 4 Weeks before. To allow for any bruising to heal.


Book your lash extensions! These bookings are notoriously hard to get so plan ahead girls.


Your wedding hair trial should be no more than a month out from the big day.


In a last ditch effort to tone up, the 30 Day Challenge at Studio Pilates will give you that extra kick you need. As long as you’re committed to the regime and a healthy diet, you’ll notice results by the end of the month in time for your wedding and honeymoon.

3 Weeks Out


Start curbing your alcohol intake here and ditch the sugary snacks to help with clearer skin.

2 Weeks Out


This is the time to freshen up your hair ahead of the big event. It gives you time to fix anything that may go wrong, and enough time for your colour and style to settle in before the day. If you prefer fresh colour, you could push it to one week out.

1 Week Out


While you need to book this well in advance, a week before the event is a good time to get your lashes done. Again, if something goes wrong it will still give you time to get it fixed.

In The Days Prior


Because you’ve planned ahead and it’s all done, right?

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