17 South Australian winemakers nominated as the countries best

17 South Australian winemakers have been nominated in the 2024 Young Gun of Wine Awards, showcasing Australia’s best young wine labels.

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17 South Australian winemakers have been nominated in the prestigious Young Gun of Wine Awards, showcasing Australia’s best young wine labels and winemakers in 2024.

This year marks the 18th annual edition which consistently identifies and celebrates emerging winemakers who are pushing boundaries and reshaping the landscape.

Chief Judge Nick Stock has been on the judging panel since the awards began, and explains the nomination of 17 SA wines underscores the state’s rich diversity and extensive contributions to the world of wine.

“South Australia has always done really well in the Young Gun Wine Awards, and if you look at the history of the winners, there’s always been a strong South Australian representation,” Nick Stock says.

“There’s a lot of young talent here, it’s been a very exciting last 18 years for South Australia.”

The Top 50 winemakers for 2024 were selected from a long list of entrants and must represent a fascinating cross-section of styles, philosophies, and approaches to winemaking.

From established brands undergoing exciting transformations, to fresh faces introducing new perspectives, it is a rigorous process to select the finalists and winners for the prestigious awards.

With over two days of judging, there are six potential trophies to be won including the Young Gun of Wine, Best New Act, People’s Choice, Winemaker’s Choice, Danger Zone, and the Vigneron.

The winners will be announced on Tuesday June 18, and we feel confident that SA has a good chance of taking it out.

“As we’ve moved along and done the awards, South Australia has become evermore innovative, and the uprising of young energy, new ideas, and winemakers that really want to make a difference has just grown,” Nick Stock says.

“It’s been a real melting pot and a real breeding ground for new and innovative styles of wine.”

For those who would like to have their say on Australia’s best winemaker, the People’s Choice voting is live online. Plus, everyone that votes will go into a draw to win a year’s supply of wines (52 bottles) from Young Gun of Wine. Enter here!

The South Australian nominees for the 2024 Young Gun Wine Awards are:

Agricola (Callum Powell)
Alpha Box and Dice (Sam Berketa)
Cape Jaffa Wines (Giulia Fiorovic & Federico Pezzino )
Curator Wine Co (Daniel Zolotarev)
Guthrie (Hugh Guthrie)
J & S Fielke (Jemma & Steven Fielke)
Jean Bouteille Wines (Jean-Baptiste Courdesses)
Kenny Wine (Andrew Kenny)
Mountadam (Caitlin Brown)
Parley Wine (Melissa Woods & Sarah Feehan)
Poppelvej (Uffe Deichmann)
Saltfleet Wines (Kyle Egel & Jonny Cook)
Scanlon Wines (Harry Scanlon)
Turon Wines (Turon White)
Wangolina (Anita Goode)
Worlds Apart Wines (Louis Schofield)
XO Wine Co (Greg Clack & Kate Horstmann)

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