1800 Not Sh*t Weddings is SA’s answer to Vegas nuptials

Meet 1800 Not Shit Weddings, the bootleg Vegas-style hitching’s for all South Australian lovebirds out there.   

Image credit: Jagger and Jones and Alex Kwong

Dreaming of marrying your love in the glittery wedding halls of Vegas, as Elvis Presley croons in the background? Love-blind and filled with glitz and glamour, these dreamy weddings are easy to lust over.  

Now, Adelaide finally has the answer to all our Vegas-inspired, celeb-fuelled, quick-hitch wedding dreams!

Meet 1800 Not Shit Weddings, the bootleg Vegas-style hitchings for all South Australian lovebirds out there.   

Hosted by the queer utopia nightclub, My Lover Cindi, 1800 Not Shit Weddings are inclusive, accessible and you guessed it – not shit. The brainchild of creative emo wedding queen Claire Parsons, these weddings sparkle, shine and celebrate all things love.

No need to stress about the finer details too – Claire is a practicing celebrant, so all that pesky paperwork will be sorted.

Photography powerhouses Jones & Jagger and Alex Kwong will be the creative talents capturing those lovers who have embraced the shotgun wedding in style on the day.

Drawing from her own wedding to her ‘rhinestone cowboy’, 1800 Not Shit Weddings is Claire’s passion project, fuelled by her desire to create a night of celebration for Adelaide alternatives and those seeking something a little different.

“When I came across package wedding deals, they seemed like the solution but there was no “alternative” alternative for two young punks,” said Claire in a recent Facebook post.

“Our wedding day was lovely, but when I look at the pictures I wish there was less burlap and mason jars and more something like this.”

“1800 NOT SHIT WEDDINGS is a glitter and disco ball fever dream ode to the great tradition Vegas shotgun weddings, but instead of having an Elvis impersonator, you’re stuck with me.”

Claire credits her funky style to her teenage diet of Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo and Juliet and love affair with Dolly Parton’s greatest hits.

Packages start at $2995 & include private function hire for up to 120 people, two hours of photography and $500 to spend at the bar.

Find out more about 1800 Not Shit Weddings here and on Facebook.

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