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$2.6 million waterpark and resort pool opens in Clare

The new $2.6 million waterpark and resort pool in the Clare Valley has officially opened with multiple waterslides and nature-inspired theming.

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Discovery Parks has unveiled its latest attraction, a spectacular $2.6 million waterpark and resort pool in the Clare Valley. This development promises to be a refreshing addition to the region, offering both locals and visitors a fantastic summer escape.

Officially opened to the public and guests on Friday, December 22, this waterpark extravaganza is set to make a splash and become a central attraction for Clare Valley visitors.

For the entire month of January, the waterpark is free for the community to enjoy, providing the perfect opportunity for families and friends to create lasting memories. Locals and guests need only check in with the park’s reception to gain access to this aquatic attraction.

Designed as a resort-style swimming pool and splash park, it features multiple waterslides and nature-inspired theming, complete with rocks, streams, and nature play elements.

Discovery Parks says the development will have a profound impact on the Mid-North community. Beyond attracting tourists from all corners of Australia and interstate, it also offers recreation opportunities for the local population. A similar waterpark and pool project at their Barossa property proved to be a hit among families, solidifying their commitment to regional development.

According to studies, every dollar spent on regional accommodation generates an additional $2 for regional economies, demonstrating the far-reaching benefits of such initiatives.

With a $150,000 increase in marketing expenditure to draw visitors, this project is expected to generate flow-through benefits amounting to a substantial $2.4 million.

The development aligns with the council’s “Nature like Nowhere Else” strategy, which aims to provide cutting-edge sensory experiences that leave a lasting impression.

The project has also bought employment opportunities to the local area. Local trades, including electricians, plumbers, and excavator/landscapers, were engaged, with additional positions in the park expected to open up as visitor numbers increase.

Discovery Parks, a business committed to the growth of regional Australia, employs 1500 people across the country and is dedicated to nurturing talent and providing career pathways for regional Australians.

The waterpark itself is designed to be eco-friendly, with water recycling systems, storage tanks, solar power, variable speed pumps, and ozone water purification.

Clare Waterpark
Where: Discovery Parks, 8511 Horrocks Hwy, Clare SA 5453
Open: Access to the facility for shared community use is between 12pm – 4pm Monday to Thursday during the month of January.
More information, head here.

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