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20 international stars we’re claiming for SA

Now then, before you all get over excited yes, we know not all these incredible names were born and bred here in our glorious state. Many were born elsewhere and grew up here, or were born here and took their natural born South Australian talent to other greener (only slightly) pastures. But, regardless of the nitty gritty these are some talented folks that are making (or have made) waves on a global scale and we’re claiming them as our own!


Let’s be honest. We all love a good celebrity, especially when we can say we knew them before they were famous, or that they’re from our home town. So we couldn’t resist putting together a list of people we’re beyond proud of, who have all called Adelaide home (at one stage or another).

Regardless of their current location, we wanted to pay tribute to  some talented folks that are making (or have made) waves on a global scale and we’re claiming them as our own!

1. Sia Hard to believe this international, musical wonder began her days here in our very own Adelaide!

She has lived all over the globe, singing in different bands, releasing many albums with different recording labels, collaborated on major television and movie soundtracks and joined forces with some of the world’s biggest stars including Rihanna, Britney Spears, Beyonce and David Guetta.

She was also named APRA songwriter of the year 2014. She had a rocky start to her career but skyrocketed to the top of the charts with her single Titanium.

She’s been notorious in most recent times for keeping her face hidden during interviews, video clips and even live appearances.

In a world where google images is a powerful tool, it’s not too hard to come across the identity of this SA star, but hey, if hiding your face keeps you that little more sane in the wake of superstardom then who can argue with that?

We see you Sia! Photo Credit: http://siamusic.net/

2. Hilltop Hoods These boys really took Aussie Hip Hop to a new scale. Members Suffa, Pressure and Debris have numerous ARIA nominations and a grand total of 7 ARIA awards to their name.

They’ve collaborated with some of the best including supporting Eminem and Lil Wayne on their recent Australian tour.

Since 2009 they’ve had their own recording label entitled Golden Era Records that is based right here in Stirling!

Our favourite album here at Glam was The Hardroad: Restrung recorded with the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, putting a completely new spin on Aussie Hip Hop.

The boys are a fantastic example of a passionate bunch who are redefining the common misconceptions about Hip Hop as a genre and all those who support it. Go guys!

3. Jimmy Barnes Do we need to give much of a description? We hope not. Everyone calm your farms, we know he wasn’t born here.

But he arrived when he was four years old so we’re claiming him! In 1980 Cold Chisel were the biggest band in Australia, and although their dominance was short lived, Jimmy marched on (and on, and on) solo.

He still holds the record for most number one albums by a solo Australian artist. Boom. Barnesy, you’ve still got it.

Photo Credit: Richard Bailey
Photo Credit: Richard Bailey

4. Teresa Palmer She won ‘Search For a Movie Star’ in 2003 and we’ve never looked back.

Debuting in the confronting SA film 2:37, Teresa has gone from strength to strength, starring in countless blockbuster flicks that we’ve been front and centre for (including Disney’s Bedtime Stories).

But most recently it was her film The Ever After that took our breath away. Not only did she star in this independent film, she wrote and produced it with her hubby too! It takes a confronting but gutsy look at topical issues and is a moving emotional movie.

Photo Credit: Teresa Palmer Instagram
Photo Credit: Teresa Palmer Instagram @tez_palmer

5. Xavier Samuel Without attempting to sound crude… yummo.

He started on a little show called McLeod’s Daughters and has ended up on the big screen next to the likes of one Brad Pitt.

He was also in the movie 2:37 (alongside Teresa Palmer) but most notably started breaking hearts when he starred in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

He’s been nominated for Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards, MTV Awards and Teen Choice Awards, and we at Glam can see why. Mark our words, you’ll be hearing his name for a long time to come.   

Photo Credit: Xavier Samuel Facebook
Photo Credit: Xavier Samuel Facebook

6. Dorinda Hafner This beautiful and joyous woman is an all-round talent and we are blessed to have her living with us in our wonderful state.

Probably most known as a TV chef, Ms Hafner is also a storyteller, actress, dancer, choreographer, public speaker, singer and writer.

She oozes personality and is all about teaching the world that life is for living. We love women who inspire us to go out and seize the day and Dorinda does just that!


7. Paolo Sebastian (Paul Vasileff) Adelaide designer Paul Vasileff is the creative genius behind the whimsical and magical Paolo Sebastian fashion label.

Worn by worldwide superstars at red carpet events such as the Oscars, the Golden Globes, the Logies, and the ARIAs, this globally coveted label has also graced the pages of Cosmo, Marie Claire and Harpers Bazaar.

If there’s an Adelaide label on any star’s lips (or hips) it’s Paolo Sebastian. What’s more, Paul Vasileff manufactures all his pieces here in SA.

To read about other SA designers supporting our industry and manufacturing in South Australia read our full article here.

paul vasileff

8. Megan Blake Irwin A name you may not know, but if you love fashion, it’s a face you should certainly recognise.

Megan’s striking beauty has seen her model for brands such as Seafolly and Maurie & Eve in Australia. Her mother agency, Pride Models here in SA, scooped her up at a young age and now she’s also signed with international super agency IMG Worldwide.

Recently the sunkissed beauty has spent time in New York meeting with international clients… word on the street is one of them is called Victoria, and she has a very big secret. Watch this space.

Photo Credit: Megan Irwin Instagram @meganblakeirwin
Photo Credit: Megan Irwin Instagram @meganblakeirwin

09. Kayla Itsines The little greek goddess changing the world one body at a time.

You can’t go far in Adelaide without hearing her name. Kayla boasts over 3.5 million followers on Instagram and has recently just toured all over the globe promoting her 12 week training programs and her feel good message.

The bubbly personal trainer created her easy to follow, but by no means easy on the muscles, guide after completing her training at the Australian Institute of Fitness in 2008.

It became Kayla’s mission to not only help girls achieve bodies that they could be proud of but more importantly change their mindset to focus on their health, well being and inner happiness.

With Kayla’s Army of millions still growing, we’d say she’s doing a pretty good job of achieving that goal, and ensuring others achieve theirs too!

Photo Credit: Kayla Itsines Instagram @kayla_itsines

10. Guy Sebastian After being our first winner on Australian Idol, Guy has come so far it’s hard to believe we were once chanting ‘Go The Fro!’ in his midst.

His first ever single debuted at Number 1 and was the fastest selling single in ARIA chart history. Guy’s magnitude and sheer talent has taken him all over the globe, managing to crack the US market (notoriously difficult for us Aussies) and he’s even represented Australia in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Through all of this fame and stardom, our Guy is still as humble as ever and although eternally busy with music, his main focus is on raising his two beautiful sons with wife Jules.

Photo Credit: Guy Sebastian Instagram @guysebastian
Photo Credit: Guy Sebastian Instagram @guysebastian
Mem Fox
Mem Fox

11. Mem Fox The names of picture book authors in this day and age are unfortunately scarcely remembered, with the exception of Mem Fox.

Mem’s delightful imagery combined with heartwarming stories have spanned generations.

Her first book Possum Magic is now over 30 years old and still the best selling children’s book in Australian history.

The wonderful woman is an advocate for the love of language and we know her magic will be adored for many more generations to come.

12. Scott Hicks This globally known director actually lives here in SA.

He was born in Uganda but moved to South Australia at the age of 14. His most famous screenwriting and directing Shine, the Oscar-winning biopic of pianist David Helfgott.

He’s been nominated for an Oscar and has won an Emmy and has been involved in so many Hollywood blockbuster that we love including Hearts in Atlantis, No Reservations and a favourite for romantics, The Lucky One.

13. David Lightfoot This South Australian film producer is probably most recognisable for his work on the terrifying film Wolf Creek.

Its shock value at the time of release is no secret, but certainly created much hype around the creepy tale.

David has also been involved in the production of blockbusters such as Rogue and Red Dog. He is a passionate advocate of the South Australian film industry and cares greatly about showcasing our skills as a state on a global scale.

14. Anthony Lapaglia This man’s filmography spans for longer than the lives of some reading this article!

He spent seven years on screen as Jack Malone in the tv show Without A Trace but stole our hearts many years before with flicks like Looking For Alibrandi and Empire Records.

Anthony now lives in Santa Monica with his wife Gia however we’re keeping tabs on him so if he swings back to visit us in SA we’ll make sure we grab he joins Glam for a coffee.

Photo Credit: Anthony Lapaglia Facebook Page
Photo Credit: Anthony Lapaglia Facebook Page

15. Emma Hack Emma Hack is the name behind many incredible artworks hanging across South Australia.

Her work in body art installation and photography is continuously breaking down boundaries and making us look at art in new and contemporary ways.

It’s this skill that has lead to solo shows in Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery NYC and London, The Cat Street Gallery Hong Kong and Bluerider Art in Taipei as well as hugely successful art fairs in Singapore, Brussels, Aspen, The Hamptons, Hong Kong and Milan.

You may not know that it was Emma’s handy work in the video clip to “Somebody That I Used To Know” by superstar Gotye, which has been viewed by a casual 550 million people worldwide, no biggie.

16. Fred Hollows It’s estimated that over one million people in the world today can see because of the investigative works of one Dr. Fred Hollows.

Not only was he an opthamologist but an incredibly charitable man who spent his life ensuring that even those who couldn’t afford medical care, still had a chance to see.

His work in Aboriginal communities here in Australia lead to the opening of The Fred Hollows Foundation in 1992 to ensure care for the underprivileged and the poor.

His work also lead him to Nepal, Eritrea and Vietnam teaching physicians the skills they needed to perform necessary surgeries on the people of these nations. The medical world owes a lot to this incredible man and his legacy still lives on today.

John Noble

17. John Noble Lord of the Rings referenceeeee.

John was born here in quiet Port Pirie but is most notably known for his role as Denethor in the EPIC Lord of the Rings films.

You’ll have also seen his face in shows like Fringe and The Good Wife, and more recently in Elementary as Sherlock’s father.

18. Jeffrey Smart One of South Australia’s great artists. Jeffrey was educated here at Unley High School but travelled far and wide across the globe with his exceptional talent. He also studied in Paris at La Grande Chaumière, and later at the Académie Montmartre.

The life of an artist can often be tumultuous and so he returned to Australia 1951 and began art teaching in prominent schools art critiquing for the Daily Telegraph.

Never one to sit still, in 1963 he moved to Italy where he lived with his partner until his death. His artistic style was very unique and still has critics debating to this day about why he chose to never paint a smiling face or bright blue sky.

The brooding life of an artist we suppose. Regardless, his works are still breathtaking and even after his passing Smart is still considered one of Australia’s greatest artists.

19. Orianthi This chick just screams rock and roll.

Orianthi Panagaris is a singer, songwriter and insane guitarist who really shot to fame when playing with Michael Jackson in his never completed This Is It tour.

Her song According To You hit number 8 on the ARIA charts and number 17 in the US (we won’t lie, it’s still on our playlists) She has been named one of the 12 Greatest Female Electric Guitarists by Elle magazine and “Breakthrough Guitarist of the Year” 2010 by Guitar International magazine.

We truly hope she brings out more catchy hits and continues to rock that guitar because honestly, this girl has skills.

Photo Credit: www.orianthi.artistintersect.com/
Photo Credit: www.orianthi.artistintersect.com/

20. Sir Robert Helpmann A man that couldn’t go un-noted.

Born in Mt Gambier Sir Robert went to PAC until he was 14. He always wanted to be a dancer but at the time no one could train him because dance teachers had no experience in training boys.

His skill shone through his obstacles and after a admirable wrap sheet of performances he became the coordinator of the Australian ballet. You’ll probably know him better as the creepy child catcher in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang or as the infamous Mad Hatter Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (1972.)

In 1965 he was named Australian of the year and made a Knight in 1968. This made was a true inspiration for many and a remarkable face for the arts in not only SA but around the world.

Know of any other international celebs you think we should include on our list? We’d love to hear your suggestions!

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