2013 Big Day Out Line Up – Hoax Or Reality?

With only days to go until the official line up for the 2013 Big Day Out is released, everyone is busy speculating about who will be playing next year's festival. Tonight social media platforms were amongst the first to push a 'genuine' line up, with the release of a snap shot, supposedly of the 2013 poster.

Althought we're the first to admit that we were sucked in by the photo of the flier, one of our more eagle-eyed fans noted that the "Red Hot Chili Peppers" were in fact mispelt with a double 'l' in their name, which indicates a hoax.

While it will be some days before we know if this is the true line up which failed to pass spell check, or if it's yet another fraud, one way or another, it has certainly made the 2013 Big Day Out the subject for many online conversations this week.

Bring on Monday and the true line up release!

The full lineup of the 2013 Big Day Out will be revealed at 12.01am Monday 16th July 2012 via  


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