2016 Adelaide Cup Men's Style Guide

2016 UBET Adelaide Cup Men’s Style Guide

Adelaide Cup isn’t all about the women, men it is time to up the fashion stakes…


And they’re off and racing… The UBET Adelaide Cup is quickly approaching, galloping around on Monday 14 March. And now is the time to get that perfect outfit sorted. Girls and guys. But fellas, if you struggle to find that outfit that gets hearts racing, we have gone to our men’s fashion expert/Instagram sensation/Adelaide’s own Steve Tilbrook, to get all the tips you need to pull off the perfect look…

Horse racing events have traditionally been a playground for the women to have fun with their style choices. The best dressed take centre stage putting on more of a show than the horses themselves.

But things have shifted over the last few years and we have seen more of the fashion conscious men coming along and trying to out do each other as they stand atop the style mountain!

For men the traditional racing outfit has been a suit and tie. However, this is also changing. Now men have multiple options: slacks and blazer, chinos and sports coat, 3 piece suit, shoes with no socks, hats… The list goes on.

Obviously a strict dress code applies so some careful consideration is required. You can’t just rock up in your sneakers (yes, no Nikes allowed), thongs, jeans or shorts…

For me the aim of the game is to wear something that turns heads for all the right reasons. The look should have a touch of bold and a lot of sophistication.

My tips for standing out from the rest are:

Colour linked tie and pocket square – This is a must. The tie can be different to the shirt and blazer/suit/sports coat however the pocket square should match in with the colour of something in the outfit. Pick one colour that runs through your tie and match that with a colour in your pocket square. It will pull the outfit together.

Lapel pin and tie clip – I like to match the lapel pin with something else in the outfit if possible, usually the pocket square or tie. However if the pin is small it can be any colour as it won’t detract from the main outfit features. I like to us silver/gold/rose gold when it comes to a tie clip, and then match this with a bracelet and watch combination. For the races, a playful character tie clip can also work well.

Adelaide Cup Men

Current fave trend: At the moment I am all about the dress shoes with no socks, chinos or slacks.

Pair that with a playful shirt, strong blazer with a plain colour knit tie and a pocket square with a similar colour. Add a complimentary lapel pin and playful tie clip and you are set to dominate the style game this Adelaide Cup.

Side note: Up the fashion stakes by couple dressing. If you are heading along with your partner make sure you check the colour(s) they will be wearing so that you can include a matching colour somewhere in your outfit. Think small details, like a lapel pin or pocket square.

Adelaide Cup Men

Items pictured available from Peter Shearer Menswear.

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