2019 WOMADelaide Day 4: Photo Gallery and Review

WOMADelaide came and went for another year, proving mad March to be madder than ever.


Photos: John Kol

WOMADelaide came and went for another year, proving mad March to be madder than ever. 

Day four was a more relaxed affair with everyone feeling the fatigue of the weekend set in. Regardless it was still the fantastic display of culture, music, food and experience that you’d expect from The World’s Festival. 

Marching through the grounds of Botanic Park every day, the sensational The Colour of Time beat through festival goers for the final day. Drawing in a huge crowd and leaving many painted in rainbows.

The deconstruction of Ephemeral City was a highlight, with the cardboard construction bouncing off the ground and becoming a playground for the kids.

A last minute emergency meant that one of the Monday acts was unable to perform, however, the crisis was averted with UK artist The Correspondents filling the slot with their hyper dance and high octane genre blend. A set where if you weren’t moving you were probably comatose.

Aussie artists, The Bamboos and Ollie English brought their best to the stages with a fun, upbeat set from the former and a moody and emotive performance from the latter.

The highlight of Day Four was Shantel & Bucovina Club Orkestar in their first time in Australia. The German DJ, singer, musician and producer Shantel, alongside the rest of the band played a set that mixed global pop music with gypsy brass and Balkan music with a healthy doze of modern electronica. Their ‘final song’ managed to span over 20 minutes and in that time the audience never faltered in singing (or trying to despite language barriers), stamping their feet, jumping and carrying on the effervescent energy that the band produced.

As WOMADelaide closed for another year, troupes of festival goers made their way out of Botanic Park, with slight slouch and a happy grin. WOMADelaide 2020 will be returning from the 6 – 9 March.


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