24,000 Piece LEGO Titanic Makes Its Final Appearance

Brick-a-laide is the last public showing of the ginormous Titanic replica – so don’t miss out.

We’ve seen a lot of unique marriage ceremonies in our time – but nothing like David and Renee Howes. For a family of LEGO lovers, there was no better option than getting married at Brickvention 2016 in front of their own 2.8-metre long LEGO Titanic.

Having been introduced by a mutual friend who was the President of the Brickvention Organising Committee it was the perfect choice to honour their relationship. Brickvention is the largest event in their community, where they were surrounded by their family, friends and fellow LEGO lovers to help them celebrate the one of the biggest days of their lives.

After approaching the organisers of Brickvention about their wedding venue, the Howes set out to build their 24,000-piece backdrop. Building the Titanic had always been a dream for David, as he is a huge fan of the Titanic and her story, and having it as the backdrop to their wedding was inevitable. Adorned with a small blue police box in honour of David’s father Ted, who passed away in 2015, the Howes are bringing this incredible piece of LEGO history to Brick-a-laide 2017 for Adelaide LEGO fans to marvel at.

This is their second year at Brick-a-laide, bringing David’s motorised Titanic Engine Diorama and their set of four Melbourne builds in architecture scale in 2015. This year they’ll be not only bringing their 2.8-metre long Titanic, but a 15cm long microscale Titanic and a micro Royal Exhibition Building replica.

This is the last public showing of the Howes’ Titanic masterpiece, before it gets put into storage, and the only place you’ll see it is at Brick-a-laide 2017!

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