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25 SA wines named amongst most collected in Australia

SA has emerged victorious with 50% (25) of the wines on the list attributable to our great state.

The results are in.

Wine Ark, the country’s premier wine storage provider, has unveiled its eagerly awaited list of the Top 50 Most Collected Wines in 2023. This annual ranking sheds light on the evolving tastes of wine enthusiasts across the nation and reveals the wines that have secured a special place in their cellars.

SA has emerged victorious with 50% (25) of the wines on the list attributable to our great state.

Once again, Penfolds Grange has clinched the top spot as Australia’s most collected wine. This iconic label, famous for its exceptional Shiraz, maintains its stranglehold on the hearts and cellars of wine lovers, reaffirming its status as a beloved Australian classic.

When it comes to regional preferences, South Australian wines take the lead, featuring prominently with 25 entries in the top 25. South Australia’s renowned wine regions, including Barossa Valley, McLaren Vale, and the Clare Valley, continue to produce wines that captivate collectors’ palates.

Among the regions, Barossa Valley stands out, showcasing its prominence in the Australian wine landscape. With eight entries in the top 25, Barossa Valley wines are clearly favored by collectors who appreciate the region’s robust and flavorful offerings.

Shiraz maintains its status as the top variety among collectors, with 14 Shiraz wines making the coveted list. Known for its bold and rich flavors, Shiraz remains a timeless favorite among Australian wine enthusiasts.

Chardonnay has experienced a resurgence in popularity among Australian collectors, securing eight entries in the top 25. Producers like Leeuwin Estate, Giaconda, Tolpuddle, Lakes Folly, Pierro, and Mount Mary are gaining recognition for their exceptional Chardonnays, offering a delightful contrast to the bold reds that often steal the spotlight.

White wine enthusiasts have reason to celebrate as Chardonnay, Riesling, and Semillon have all made their mark in the top 25. These elegant and refined white varieties offer a refreshing alternative to their red counterparts, appealing to collectors with a taste for diversity.

John Cuff, Head of Wine Ark, commented on the changing landscape of wine collections, stating, “We are witnessing a notable shift away from the traditional cellar staples towards cooler climate wines and boutique producers. This trend reflects an increasing appreciation for the finesse and character of wines from smaller, quality-focused winemakers.”

As Australian wine collectors continue to explore new horizons and refine their preferences, the 25 Most Collected South Australian Wines of 2023 provide a snapshot of the vibrant wine culture in South Australia. Whether it’s the enduring allure of Penfolds Grange or the rising stars of boutique wineries, these wines represent the rich tapestry of South Australia’s winemaking heritage.

For the full list of the 25 Most Collected South Australian Wines in 2023, visit, and discover the array of wines that have won the hearts of collectors across the country.

The full list:

RankNamePosition ChangeVarietyRegion
01Penfolds Grange –ShirazSA
02Penfolds St Henri 1ShirazSA
03Penfolds Bin 389 1Cabernet ShirazSA
04Rockford Basket Press 1ShirazBarossa Valley, SA
05Moss Wood 1Cabernet SauvignonMargaret River, WA
06Lake’s Folly Cabernets 2Cabernet BlendHunter Valley, NSW
07Cullen Diana Madeline –Cabernet BlendMargaret River, WA
08Wynns Coonawarra Estate –Cabernet SauvignonCoonawarra, SA
09Leeuwin Estate Art Series 1ChardonnayMargaret River, WA
10Mount Mary Quintet 2Cabernet BlendYarra Valley, VIC
11Clonakilla 2Shiraz ViognierCanberra, ACT
12Grosset Polish Hill 1RieslingClare Valley, SA
13Yarra Yering Dry Red No 1 3Cabernet BlendYarra Valley, VIC
14Tyrrell’s Vat 1 0SemillonHunter Valley, NSW
15Penfolds RWT 2ShirazSA
16Giaconda Estate 2ChardonnayBeechworth, VIC
17Penfolds Bin 707 2Cabernet SauvignonSA
18Rockford Rifle Range 1Cabernet SauvignonBarossa Valley, SA
19Penfolds Bin 28 Kalimna 1ShirazSA
20Penfolds Bin 407 3Cabernet SauvignonSA
21Wynns Coonawarra Estate John Riddoch 3Cabernet SauvignonCoonawarra, SA
22Lake’s Folly 4ChardonnayHunter Valley. NSW
23Tyrrell’s Vat 9 2ShirazHunter Valley. NSW
24Henschke Mount Edelstone 3ShirazEden Valley, SA
25Henschke Hill of Grace 2ShirazEden Valley, SA
26Mount Mary 4Pinot NoirYarra Valley, VIC
27Yarra Yering Dry Red No 2 9Shiraz BlendYarra Valley, VIC
28Torbreck RunRig 5Shiraz ViognierBarossa Valley, SA
29Tyrrell’s Vat 47 3ChardonnayHunter Valley, NSW
30Tolpuddle Vineyard 12Pinot NoirTAS
31A.P. Birks Wendouree 3ShirazClare Valley, SA
32Rockford Black Shiraz 14Sparkling ShirazBarossa Valley, SA
33Tolpuddle Vineyard 66ChardonnayTAS
34d’Arenberg The Dead Arm 12ShirazMcLaren Vale, SA
35Grosset ‘Springvale’ Watervale 2RieslingClare Valley, SA
36Rockford Rod & Spur 13Shiraz CabernetBarossa Valley, SA
37Turkey Flat 6ShirazBarossa Valley, SA
38Jasper Hill Georgia’s Paddock 9ShirazHeathcote, VIC
39Leeuwin Estate Art Series 26Cabernet SauvignonMargaret River, WA
40Thomas Wines Braemore 34SemillonHunter Valley, NSW
41Henschke Keyneton Estate Euphonium 32Shiraz Cabernet MerlotBarossa Valley, SA
42Bass Phillip Premium 11Pinot NoirGippsland, VIC
43Seppelt St Peters 5ShirazGrampians, VIC
44Pierro 13ChardonnayMargaret River, WA
46Standish The Standish 100ShirazBarossa Valley, SA
45Crawford River 59RieslingHenty, VIC
47A.P. Birks Wendouree 12Shiraz MataroClare Valley, SA
48Cullen Kevin John 2ChardonnayMargaret River, WA
49A.P. Birks Wendouree 15Shiraz MalbecClare Valley, SA
50Mount Mary 28ChardonnayYarra Valley, VIC

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