$250 million designated for the development of new school facilities

More than $218 million will be invested to build a new preschool, primary and high schools across the state.

A strong focus on education and school infrastructure will be at the forefront at the upcoming 2024-25 State Budget;

A substantial investment exceeding $218 million will be directed towards constructing a new preschool and primary school in Mount Barker, as well as establishing a new high school in the northern suburbs of Adelaide. These endeavors are in direct response to the burgeoning demand propelled by population growth.

The Malinauskas Government remains steadfast in its commitment to facilitating new housing developments while simultaneously ensuring the availability of adequate public school facilities to accommodate the surging population.

“Our state has enormous opportunity ahead, but to achieve what we want to we need to invest in our best asset – our young people,” Premier Peter Malinauskas said.

“High quality facilities help provide the best possible environment for them to learn.”

“This budget continues our strong record of prioritising education – from the early years, all the way through school, training and university.”

Of the allocated funds, $155.3 million is earmarked for the construction of the new high school in the northern suburbs, strategically positioned within a key urban growth area. This facility is poised to offer an additional capacity of 1300 places and is slated to commence operations in 2028.

Mount Barker and its environs are also experiencing significant population expansion, prompting an allocation of $62.7 million for the construction of a new preschool, accommodating 100 additional places, alongside a new primary school equipped to enrol an additional 300 students. Operations for these facilities are projected to commence in 2028.

“Providing our students with a quality education that suits the growing needs of the community is paramount,” Education minister Blair Boyer said.

“Our government has a strong commitment to public education and ensuring our children and young people have access to a high-quality education in their local area.”

An additional investment of $38.1 million is dedicated to various schools across the state, addressing pressing needs for upgrades and expansions to meet capacity requirements. This includes:

  • Surrey Downs Primary School: $16.5 million
  • Bellevue Heights Primary School: $7.6 million
  • Mount Gambier High School: $6 million
  • Le Fevre High School: $4 million
  • Mount Barker High School: $4 million

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