26 Things To Ask Your Wedding Venue Before Booking

Use this list to cover all your bases and ensure it’s smooth sailing when choosing your wedding venue.

It can be a tricky time choosing a wedding venue. The main challenges couples often face are finding somewhere within their budget – that’s available around the right time – and has the capacity for the number of guests they’re expecting.

It’s always a good idea to have a backup option or two just in case your first preference isn’t available or for whatever reason won’t work. Whatever venues you have in mind though, we’d highly recommend taking this list along with you to cover all your bases and ensure it’s smooth sailing when planning your day.

26 Things To Ask Your Wedding Venue Before Booking:

  1. Do you have my date available or what dates are available during that period of time?
  2. How far in advance do I need to book?
  3. How many people can the space hold (both standing/seated)?
  4. What’s the fee for renting the space or is there a wedding package available?
  5. What’s included with venue hire or the packages available (room rental, furniture, catering, lighting etc.)?
  6. How many hours do I have the space for event-wise and for pre-event set up?
  7. When can I begin set up on my wedding day?
  8. Is there parking available for guests? If so, how many parks are available?
  9. Is parking free for guests?
  10. Can I use any vendor or do you have a list of preferred vendors?
  11. Do you set up and take down all of the items you provide?
  12. If there’s an outdoor element, do you provide back up options for bad weather and will this cost extra?
  13. Are there any restrictions on the use of the space (open flame candles, chandeliers)?
  14. Are there any restrictions on photography or videography?
  15. Are there any noise restrictions?
  16. Do I need to take out any insurance for my wedding relating to the venue (there is specific wedding insurance you can get to cover your whole wedding)?
  17. Is there a bridal room and a groom’s suite to prepare pre-wedding?
  18. Can I see a sample of items you provide?
  19. How much is the deposit?
  20. When is the balance due?
  21. What forms of payment do you take?
  22. What is your cancellation policy?
  23. Who will I be working with at the venue?
  24. Does the venue provide an event planner or do I need to/can I bring my own?
  25. What’s the latest date I can give you final numbers for the guest list?
  26. What’s the addition cost for a guest beyond my package

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