4 Reasons Why You Should Actually See a Podiatrist

An indulgent visit to the podiatrist is a possibility at MediPedi Nail Spa.


There’s a lot about feet that isn’t overly glamorous – from dry, cracked heels to foot pain, bunions, warts and fungal nails. But that doesn’t mean a visit to the podiatrist can’t be an indulgent experience.

Georgina Jamieson and Tom Baker created MediPedi with the simple goal of making people feel good from the ground up. As podiatrists, they found that traditional podiatry wasn’t always offering a great all round experience and that people were going to nail bars with unsafe hygiene practices and dubious infection control meaning they were putting themselves at risk and not getting the end result they really wanted.

MediPedi combines the expert knowledge and skills of a podiatrist with the finishing touches of a beauty therapist to give you, and your feet and hands, an indulgent experience not possible anywhere else.

Here are four reasons why you could benefit from a trip to the podiatrist:

1. They’ll give you the best pedicure of your life (and you can claim it on health insurance)

MediPedi  is home to the Medical Pedicure, a relaxing way to pamper your feet which will keep them both healthy and looking great.

Starting with a foot soak, you’ll then be treated by one of the podiatrists who will safely remove any hard skin, takes out corns and calluses and tend properly to any ingrown toenails. Then it’s back to a beauty therapist who will buff and shape the nails, give you a hydrating foot and leg massage then polish the toes to perfection.

They don’t use any acrylics, glues or drills, and never cut cuticles. Given its owned and operated by health professionals, you know everything is going to be sterilised and safe.

And you can claim medical pedicures on the podiatry portion of health insurance.

2. Get on the front foot (pun intended) of foot problems

It goes without saying that a visit to the podiatrist is a great idea if you have any foot issues, whether it’s pain, joint changes, cracked heels or bunions. And the earlier you start thinking about your foot health, the better.

“More people are starting to think about their feet at a younger age, and it really is better to have conversations about having healthy feet earlier,” said Georgie.

For fungal nail issues, MediPedi also has a completely pain-free cold laser treatment for fungal nails, and they can even create a solution to keep your nails looking good throughout treatment. They also offer treatment for the many different types of foot pain people suffer, with a particular understanding of problems that come with shoes that might not be the best for our feet.

Laser Machine for fungal nails at MediPedi Nail Spa

3. They’re not going to judge you for your shoe choice

“Even I wear heels,” laughs Georgie. “So no, we’re not going to tell you to never wear heels again. But we can offer practical, everyday advice on footwear to keep you in better health.”

MediPedi  even stocks a brand of stylish thongs with in-built support that are specially designed by a physio!

4. They can give your feet a whole new look

Never been happy with how your feet look?

“We’ve had some women who haven’t worn open-toed shoes for years, and we’ve helped them get back into them,” said Georgie.

The podiatrists can put together a plan to aesthetically change your nails, without the use of acrylics or gels.

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