4 Things Australia’s Top Female Entrepreneurs & CEOs Agree On

Four things we learnt at the Business Chicks ‘9 to Thrive’ expo that will help you go forth and conquer those #lifegoals.


Wowee! What an incredibly inspiring two days we’ve had at the annual Business Chicks ‘9 to Thrive’ expo in Melbourne. We got to hang out with hundreds of like-minded women and hear first hand the ups and downs of starting your own business, how to nail social media, the importance of staying true to your brand and building each other up plus more. There was plenty of #realtalk from AMAZING women in business who are kicking goals as well as awesome exhibitors that you actually wanted to check out. Not to mention the freebies like, hair and makeup sessions, food, financial and life coaching and mini massages just to give you an idea.

We heard from a stellar line up of speakers including Lorna Jane Clarkson, Dr. Libby Weaver, Megan Hess, Samantha Wills, Elle Ferguson & Tash Sefton from ‘They All Hate Us’, The Young Mummy, Celeste Barber plus STACKS more .. but we noticed a few common themes throughout all of them. Here’s what we learned:

1. Authenticity is key

We heard it loud and clear from just about all of the guest speakers. Be you. Be real. And whatever you do, just own it girl. Emma Isaacs, Business Chicks CEO – who by the way just had a baby 11 days ago – said, “you don’t have to invent something completely new. It’s about being yourself, checking in and finding out what lights you up”.

2. Prioritise health

I’m pretty sure we’re all fully aware we don’t look after ourselves nearly as much as we should – probably not even close. But let me reiterate (as the 9 to Thrive speakers did for us), health but is pretty fricken’ important guys. Over anything and everything, you HAVE to prioritise your own well-being. Whether you’re in a corporate job, trying to turn your side hustle your 9 to 5, just starting out or you’re the driving force behind your business, without health you’ve got nada. That includes “me” time, sleep, nutrition and time with family and friends.

3. Support each other

When we empower each other and support one another, the options are limitless. A great example of this is Lauren and Lisa Maree, founders of Glamazon App, who were essentially competitors and brought together by an investor who suggested they should work together.

4. Embrace the fails

Contrary to popular belief, it’s OK to fail ladies. ALL OF US FAIL… and it’s a good thing. Whether it’s those frustrating little slip ups like XX or those times you just fall flat on your face, you’ve gotta pick yourself up, learn from it and just get on with it. As Christine Corbett, Australia Post said, “you have to get good at saying: I don’t know, and I’m sorry”

Overall, the ticket price is absolute peanuts and you get an incredible experience with access to info from some of the best women in business around the country. We’d can’t recommend enough that you grab your girlfriends and get yourself along to the next 9 to Thrive.

For more information on Business Chicks and other events, check out their website here and follow them on Instagram for some of the best daily inspo going around.

Here’s some snaps we took from the expo in case you missed our Instagram story feed:

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