$48.4 Million Committed To Secure Future of West Beach and Henley Beach

The devastating erosion along our metropolitan coast has been addressed with the announcement of new funding to combat the problem.


Matt Cowdrey OAM MP has just released a statement announcing that the State Liberal Government has committed a package of $48.4 million in the 19/20 State Budget to address devastating erosion along our metropolitan coast.

For many years our local beaches at Henley and West Beach have suffered substantial depletion of their sand reserves, which have been continually eroding away with no real attempt made to significantly replenish or efficiently recycle sand over the longer term.

Current efforts to replenish the sand at Henley Beach South

Based on investigations made by independent expert environmental consultants Danish Hydraulics Institute, the package will include $20 million for additional sand, including approximately 500,000m3 of newly sourced sand for a large-scale replenishment; and $28.4 million for the completion of a sand recycling pipeline from Semaphore to West Beach, as well as sand dune restoration and revegetation to be undertaken in partnership with local councils and coastal community groups. These activities will coincide with the Government’s already announced sea grass restoration program.

The pipeline will complement the existing one from Glenelg to Kingston Park which successfully pumps approximately 100,000m3 of sand each year to stabilise and maintain our southern beaches such as Seacliff. The pipeline extension will also see the existing infrastructure at West Beach operate as originally intended.

The new sand and infrastructure will reinforce and secure our coastline for future generations.

Matt Cowdrey made a long-term fix of the coastline and beach, part of his election promises, and will continue to work alongside the Premier and Minister for Environment and Water, Hon. David Speirs MP, as well as the local community as this process continues.

Further information on the package head to www.environment.sa.gov.au/coasts

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