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48 Hour Film Project Wraps Up

 The 48 Hour Film Project, it is a worldwide competition that is held in over 150 cities. Teams must race to write, film, edit and score a short film over the period of 48 hours.


This past Saturday night the Adelaide 48 Hour Film Project had its entrant’s films screened to a packed audience and the film’s awards handed out with the winning film set to be shown in Paris in 2018.

Thirteen films were shown on the big screen at the GU Film House, providing the audience with a glimpse at some of the talented film makers this state provides. These short films ranged from plots about talking mop families and superhero scuba divers, to mockumentaries about hobby horse riding and the touching story of a young boy and his canine companion.

The 48 Hour Film Project, it is a worldwide filmmaking competition that is held in over 150 cities  including, of course, Adelaide. Teams must race to write, film, edit and score a short film over the period of 48 hours. Each year there are also required elements that all short films must have, with this year’s must-have elements being the character of diving instructor Dave or Davina Sanchez, the prop of a mop and the line “Looks like trouble in paradise”.

The winner of Best Film of the night will go on to represent Adelaide in Filmapalooza 2018, an international film competition held in Paris in 2018. L7 took out the winning film of 2017 with their Tarantino-esque Don’t F**k With Mother, heavily reminiscent of the revenge-driven plot of Kill Bill, with a couple of musical numbers thrown in. When a mother’s children are taken from her by her ex-partner she starts on a journey of revenge to get them back, alongside seeking brutal vengeance for them having being taken in the first place. An enjoyable showing of a powerful woman, with the lead actress also winning the Best Actress Award.

Second-place went to A Cliff Too Far by Room 409; a murder mystery/comedy, similar to Jonathon Creek, which sees a slightly bizarre detective humorously attempt to track down the murderer of an incredibly flatulent dead body found on a beach underneath a cliff. This is probably one of the funniest films to be presented on the night with perfect comedic timing, dedicated acting and masterful film editing – a winning, or runner-up, formula.

The wide-range of short film ideas displayed the varying levels of creativity that South Australia can produce in terms of acting, directing, writing, music and film. These are all creatives that you should definitely keep an eye on as they will surely go far with their passions (if their short films are anything to go by).

The Adelaide 48 Hour Film Project is an amazing opportunity for amateur film makers to test themselves against time and create incredibly impressive short films that have a chance of being shown internationally.

If you want to learn more, or maybe make a film yourself next year, check out the website here.

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