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5 reasons (as if you need any) why you should be slinging organic wine

Wine-lovers, raise your glass to all things pure and pourable! It’s Organic Awareness Month and that means its time to celebrate all things organic (including vino!).

We know you don’t need an excuse to sling a wine or two but, it’s Organic Awareness Month and that means its time to celebrate all things organic (including vino!), and its bountiful benefits to our health and the planet.

What better way to cheer for this occasion than with a glass of Certified Organic wine – which many claim tastes better than your conventional wine – just without any of the nasties!

So why choose a Certified Organic tipple next time you’re at the bottle-o? Richard Angove from Angove Family Winemakers, has given us his top five reasons why.

1. No artificial inputs or additives 

Pesticides, fungicides, herbicides and sulphites are the things you are (thankfully!) missing out on when you choose a bottle of Certified Organic wine, and for good reason. Certified Organic wines are crafted with no synthetic additives or chemicals, which means you can enjoy happy hour in peace. 

2. Better for the environment

Fundamentally, organic production is better for the environment as it requires genuine care and respect for the earth.

Angove’s Certified Organic wines are hand-crafted with the help of a unique task force called ‘The Vinguard’, led by a colony of honeybees, a posse of Indian runner ducks, an invisible night patrol of microbats and fragrant organic roses – all ensuring that everything used in the winemaking process comes from nature, pure and clean.

3.  Rigorous monitoring and assessment

In Australia, organic certification is not mandatory. Producers can have as little as 2 per cent organic ingredients to label their products as such. Worryingly, only 1 in 10 Aussies is aware of this fact.

To be labelled as Certified Organic, companies have to go through a rigorous 3-year accreditation process, which involves annual audits to ensure companies are adhering to a strictly controlled organic protocol across all operations.

So, to ensure the products you are consuming are truly organic, look for a certification on their label, such as Australian Organic’s recognisable ‘Certified Organic’ bud logo. Seeing that seal of approval guarantees that you are drinking a glass that cares for you and the environment.  

Angove Family Winemakers is one of a handful of wineries Certified Organic to international standards. 

4. Vegan-friendly 

Many of us think that wine is vegan. Unfortunately, it’s often not the case. In traditional winemaking processes, fining agents including egg whites and milk are often used to remove protein, yeast and cloudiness. 

If you’re on a plant-based diet, you can be safe knowing Angove’s Certified Organic wines don’t use any animal products or by-products when crafting their wine, making it truly vegan-friendly. 

5. Top-notch quality

Certified Organic grape growing and winemaking is not easy. It takes expertise, time and dedication to get the organic process right. It means the vineyard is viewed as more than just the source of grapes to craft wines. It is a holistic system of interconnected organic prosperity. The vine is important, but it is the health of the entire environment that provides the best tasting grapes.

Angove Family Winemakers has been perfecting its craft in South Australia for more than 135 years and has worked extremely hard over the past 15 years to transition their vineyards to be Certified Organic.

With these lesser-known facts in mind, next time you’re reaching for a glass, choose a Certified Organic wine, knowing you are choosing better – both for yourself and for the planet.

Visit to find out more and choose your favourite pours.

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