5 Reasons Why This $6.5k All Inclusive Fiji Wedding Package Is The Stuff of Dreams

If you thought a tropical paradise wedding in a 4 star resort, with 30 friends was unachievable for under $10k, you were wrong.

If you’ve ever thought about getting married in a tropical paradise, or have recently gotten engaged and are just OVERWHELMED with options (I was), there’s a seriously affordable option you need to know about.

Last year I went to Fiji to check out the launch of the new direct Fiji Airways flights from Adelaide, and I stumbled across this amazing ‘Dream Wedding‘ package I thought I’d share with you. Now I’m sure there’s plenty of options out there from other resorts – but I’ve SEEN this one in action, and it’s a winner. As someone who got married in Bali, I’m across all the logistics of jetting off to get hitched, so I know what to look for when it comes to overseas packages, hidden costs and the like. So here’s what I found out.

Outrigger Fiji are offering up a $6,500 all inclusive wedding package for 30 guests which also comes with a wedding planner to sort out all the details for you. The wedding ceremony can be held in a tropical garden or beach setting or in the resort’s chapel. The chapel is on top of a gorgeous hill which overlooks the coral coastline and the resort itself. The reception is then held in a private, fairy lit area by a beautiful private pool in the main resort and they only hold one wedding per day so all the attention is on you. I’ve seen it all set up we were touring the resort – and it’s beautiful.

So if flying off to a sunny, tropical paradise with warm, friendly Fijians taking the stress out of planning your wedding, isn’t enough of a reason to book – here’s some more reasons to consider this option.

There are now direct flights from Adelaide to Fiji which means guests with short timelines can jump on a Fiji Airways flight on Friday night after work, enjoy your wedding on Saturday or Sunday, and then leave Fiji on Monday afternoon, returning to Adelaide by 8pm Monday night. One day off work in total. It sure beats some of the stuffing around that my guests had to deal with when we had the Bali wedding – plus there’s no terrorism issues or volcanos to delay things. Your guests who can’t get a lot of time off will love you for it. Plus those who want to stay will have a gorgeous resort to enjoy for as long as their annual leave allows!

One thing to keep in mind with legal weddings though, is that when you’re booking your flights, the wedding couple needs to be in Fiji on a weekday to pick up the wedding document from the registry. 

The wedding package includes the ceremony, marriage license, church minister or celebrant, tropical flower arrangement, bouquet and button hole flower and the resort’s serenaders. It also includes a reception for (a minimum of) 30 people including food & booze. You can also have up to 100 people but obviously additional costs will apply. The ceremony can be held in a tropical garden or beach setting or in the resort’s chapel. There’s 4 nights of accommodation included for the bride and groom, so other than flights, you really don’t need to fork out much more cash – meaning you can pretty much wrap up your wedding costs at under $10k. That’s pretty damn affordable if you look at the costs of having a wedding back home. Better yet, if you book during the low season, Outrigger will even throw in 3 nights on Castaway Island, which is UNBELIEVABLE. It’s super exclusive and gorgeous and you’ll love it. Honeymoon sorted. 

The pool that your reception would overlook
The view from the Sunset bar (next to the chapel), overlooking the resort and the Coral Coast

So if those reasons aren’t enough, I’ll let the beauty of Fiji do the talking for me.

Check out the full details of the Outrigger Fiji ‘Dream Wedding‘ package here.

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