5 Reasons You Should Be Running For This (Adelaide) Hills Eatery

5 Reasons You Should Be Running For This (Adelaide) Hills Eatery

The family-friendly eatery serves contemporary comfort food, locally-sourced coffee and all round good vibes.


Here at Glam Adelaide, we love nothing more than finding a good hidden gem particularly when it comes to food…or wine. While many of you might have heard of or even dined at the hidden gem of Aldgate Village – FRED Eatery – we thought it was about time we share this breakfast and lunch spot with the rest of Adelaide. The family-friendly eatery serves contemporary comfort food, locally-sourced coffee and a welcoming atmosphere, with three zones in one venue – each with a slightly different vibe.

Here’s five reasons why you should be running for the (Adelaide) hills…

The incredible breakfast/brunch

With breakfast options for everyone, from those with no dietary restrictions to vegetarians and those who are gluten intolerant, FRED Eatery’s high quality food will have you coming back time and time again. FRED try to get as much of their supplies from the Adelaide Hills as possible; for example, their bacon is from local butcher and farmer Noske, while their eggs are all from local free-range provider Murphy’s Crossing. Vegetarian diners should definitely try the Harissa Spiced Pumpkin & Feta Mash with poached eggs, greens and almond dukkah, while the gluten-free crowd will love their Zucchini bread.

In the true spirit of welcoming everyone, they’re able to readily tailor dishes to suit vegan diners so you’ll always find something to indulge in.

Their unique special-blend coffee

Ever wondered why the coffee is so darn good at FRED’s? Well they understand our love (and need) for good coffee, which is why they teamed up with Rio Coffee to make their own unique, custom blended coffee. Originating from Brazil, India and Ethiopia, the coffee provides a full-bodied experience with a smooth chocolate sweetness. With finishing notes of berries, you’re sure to have tasted nothing quite like it. Thinking of everyone once again, FRED’s have many options for the lactose intolerant; with soy, almond, coconut, and normal lactose-free milk available on the menu.

The sleek, refreshing fit-out

FRED’s contemporary fit-out designed by Adelaide-based interior designer Georgie Shepherd, who has designed many popular venues such as St Louis in Glenelg, Hither and Yon and the Beerenberg Farm Shop, definitely represents the idea that it’s a place for everyone and anyone. A neutral palette full of pale timbers, whites, golds and their signature green, encompasses FRED’s three zones: the front room, dining room and mezzanine. Amongst the three zones, you’re without a doubt likely to find a place that feels just right.

The front room is usually bustling with eager diners and a lively feel. This space is often full of people who are looking to drop in for a quick coffee and chat before they head off to work or to their next adventure.

The dining room is more laid back. It’s perfect for those who are wanting to relax, sit down and have a nice meal, though it still retains some of the upbeat atmosphere of the rest of the venue.

Finally, there’s the mezzanine which is perfect for those who are wanting to sit with their laptops and get some work done, while also enjoying their special coffee blend. Surrounded by a library-setting, it’s cosy and relaxing.

Outdoor seating in their courtyard is also available.

The awesome location

As you walk to FRED’s, you’ll be enchanted by the small village appeal of Aldgate’s main street. Trees full of autumn colours and the vintage facades of the older shops will wave to you through the store windows. The location is ideal for those who need a stop off for a pick-me-up on the way to a wine tour, or those who just want to pop out of the hustle and bustle of the city for some fresh air. FRED’s is just a short drive up the freeway so you feel like you’re there in no time, yet at the same time it kind of feels removed from city life. Another plus? There’s ample parking, from street parking to a large carpark out the back, you’ll never have to fight for a park, and more importantly you’ll never have to pay.

Their friendly atmosphere

The atmosphere of a venue is one of the things that can turn a venue from a good venue, into a memorable venue. FRED’s is constantly buzzing, with friendly staff who are more than happy to chat while the soft but upbeat, funky music plays in the background throughout the venue. Your eyes will never be bored with many quirky points of interest throughout the venue too, from the figurine of a balloon animal to the stained glass window above the door. Even on their busiest weekend, you won’t get anything less than a space where you comfortable, welcomed and happy.

These are just five of the many reasons FRED Eatery is the place to go if you’re looking for a quality meal in the Adelaide Hills. But don’t let us ruin the surprise, head in store and check it all out for yourself. Whether you try their Breakfast Gnocchi or their Twice-Cooked Pork Belly, we know you won’t be disappointed.

FRED Eatery is located at 220 Mount Barker Rd, Aldgate SA.
Open from Tuesday-Sunday 7:30am-4pm, and dinner service on Friday from 6-9pm.
BOOK ONLINE or call 8339

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