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5 Trending Hairstyles For The Summer Party Season  

Here’s a how-to guide on all the hottest hairstyles this season.

“By The Water” Hair

Whether it’s at the beach or by the pool, this wet-look is super chic when pulled off right!

Here’s how to nail it:

– Using a water spray wet down the roots and first 3-4″ of your hair whilst combing it all back away from the face with a wide tooth comb.
– Apply a 50c size amount of  workable gel like the KMS HAIRSTAY GEL to one half of the head at the roots and mid lengths only, then repeat on the other side.
– in the same direction, comb through the hair again with a wide tooth comb
– then apply a hairspray like the KMS HAIRSTAY – MAXIMUM HOLD HAIRSPRAY which
has a high shine, and finish with the KMS HAIRSTAY – ANTI HUMIDITY SEAL to Lock down the cuticle and add amazing shine.

– don’t saturate the hair as it’ll dilute the gel too much
– use a workable gel not too mad men like
– use products with lots of shine
– the ends should look damp not saturated

Fresh Day Vibes

This is perfect shopping days or lazy lunches, team your boho skirts and dresses with the perfect undone waves.
– Start with day 2 or 3 hair and apply a generous amount of dry shampoo at the roots and ends of the hair.
– section the head in 3 sections – 1. from earlobe to earlobe, 2. Temple to temple
and 3. Above the temples
– with vertical sections working through your 3 areas, take large sections and use the EVY ONE GLIDE IRON to bend the hair; starting 1″ down from the head, turn the iron 180 degrees and pull down then release before you go over the ends of the hair, allowing the ends to remain straight.
– Alternate the turning of the iron, clockwise then anti clockwise on each section of the head so the bends kick off each other looking more natural.
– lastly finish with KMS HAIRPLAY DRY WAX for a matte texture with a medium hold

– better with dirty hair
– make sure you don’t bend them all the same way – stay random
– keep a matte finish for more natural looking waves

Hot Festival Hair

The last thing you need is your hair getting in your way whilst your sweating up a storm dancing, but if your looking for a cool spin in a top knot follow there simple steps.
-tip your head upside down and start braiding from the bottom up, don’t panic we don’t want it to be neatly sectioned; inside out braiding will give the best effect.
– stop when you get up and over the top of the head and tie off with a small elastic hair tie.
– use your dry shampoo generously in the roots of all the rest of the hair left out
– scraping the remaining hair back towards the ponytail use your fingers only to create an undone texture and tie with another small elastic over the first band.
– using a small comb gently back comb the hair in the ponytail and spray with dry shampoo
– holding the tip twist the ponytail until it twists back on itself and starts to curve round the band to create a shape, pull the hair out slightly til you’re happy with the shape and secure with 4-6 hair pins.
– finish with a strong hold hairspray and enjoy the wind on your neck all day and night

– keep upside down til your finished the braid
– don’t be too fussy it’s meant to be undone
– use a strong hold hairspray to secure

The Sunday Sesh Hair

The ultimate “I didn’t even try” to look this good look.
– start with dry hair and apply dry shampoo throughout all of the roots
– divide the hair from left temple to right temple round the head
– using your fingers pull out some finer hair around the face even if it’s just baby hair and pull back the rest of the top section with your fingers securing with a small elastic band in the middle on the top of the head; on the last twist of the band only pull the ponytail through half way and leave messy
– taking large sections from the bottom half, work around the head with your EVY ONE GLIDE IRON using the previous bending technique, working all sections away from the face this time
– pull your hands through the waves and finish with a light hold hairspray like THE

– don’t be neat
– take big sections when tonging
– team with big tassel earrings

Summer Night Glam

For those balmy nights home or away a little glam never goes a miss.
– dampen down your hair root to mid lengths
– using a small soft bristle brush brush all hair back to the point you want your ponytail
– brush a little then hairspray a little so you secure any short hair whilst brushing into position
– secure with an elastic
– take a piece of hair twist it to the ends and wrap around the band and secure with a pin
– finish with a high shine strong hold like KMS HAIRSTAY – MAXIMUM HAIRSPRAY

– make sure it’s still wet when you hairspray and the ends aren’t too wet
– do the pony upside down to get it nice and high
– use a good brush that doesn’t leave too many lines

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