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5 ways diners can help SA’s hospitality industry out

Here’s a few other things to consider which will make ALL the difference to our hospitality industry to help get them back on their feet.


Featured photo: Fino Vino restaurant, shot for Studio Gram Architects

Well that was one hell of a week, am I right? After all the chaos of this year, to face another lock down period was the last thing anyone needed, and with all cafes and restaurants forced to shut completely this time at short notice, there was plenty of fresh food wasted, and money lost.

With today’s announcement that our lockdown in SA will end at midnight on Saturday, we’re certainly starting to plan ahead, as to where we’ll go once the restrictions lift.

Once venues reopen, it will be with a physical distancing requirement of one person per four square metres. Restrictions regarding the number of people in hospitality premises will continue, with a maximum of 100 people allowed per venue and a maximum of 10 people per table. Vertical consumption will still not be allowed.

So what’s next? You want to get out of the house, enjoy yourself, and help support the hospitality industry, but just grabbing a coffee from your favourite cafe, or heading out for dinner only scratches the surface of the impact you could help make. Here’s a few other things to consider which will make ALL the difference to our hospitality industry.

  1. Book ahead so the venue can plan, and if you have booked, try not to cancel. They’re relying on you. That being said, if you can’t go for some reason, absolutely call up and let them know so that they can give your much needed chair/table to someone else. No shows are just unacceptable.
  2. Only sit down if you’re planning on having a meal. Taking up one of their valuable tables (while the 4 metre rule continues) for a single coffee is robbing them of revenue someone having a meal could have brought them.
  3. Keep your duration in mind. If you’re spending a fortune, I’m sure they won’t mind you settling in for a while, but for the rest of us, try and keep your mealtime to an hour, so the venue can allow other diners to have a meal too. This not only means others (who are equally busting to get out and have a restaurant experience) can enjoy their favourite meal at a great venue, but the venue itself can try and make enough money to cover some of their expenses. Remember, every dollar counts. 
  4. Post a review. By sharing your experience, it will let others know that the venue is up and running again for indoor dining. Help spread the word and let’s help SA’s hospitality industry get back on its feet. 
  5. Tip if you can. Again, every dollar helps. 

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