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5 Ways To Curb Your Post-Easter Guilt

Now’s the perfect time to sign up to that health kick, swap your coffee for a green juice, get outdoors and stock up on fresh fruit and veg.

Just thinking about all the food, booze and seemingly mounds of chocolate that we consumed over Easter has us feeling pretty sluggish and guilty today. If you’re anything like us and are desperately searching for a remedy, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list to help you re-energise and feel better. After all, now’s the perfect time to sign up to that health kick, swap your coffee for a green juice, get outdoors and stock up on fresh fruit and veg.

Here are a few ways to curb the post-Easter guilt.

Start Your Health Kick

One of the obvious ones is to get moving and sweat it out folks. This is the perfect opportunity for you to sign up to a gym or start your next big health kick. Be that a group fitness class like we’re doing at OrangeTheory Fitness, a pilates class or a 8-12 week fitness program such as Michelle Bridges or Kayla Itsines. You’ll feel better for doing it and BONUS! You’ll have a head start on beating the winter bulge.

Get Inspired With New Gym Gear

Buying new gym gear is like like buying new stationary. There’s this spark of inspiration and a newfound enthusiasm that comes with your new purchase but it can often be fleeting. If this sounds like you then we say catch that wave and get shopping. There are stacks of sales on at the moment – we’ve spotted a 30% off sale at Cotton On Body and Lorna Jane have just dropped a new collection which looks stunning.

Get Good Food Into Your Diet

Don’t fall into the trap of eating more crap that’s laying around the house after Easter. Be sure to fill your fridge with good, wholesome foods but also be realistic. You don’t have to turn the house upside down and rid the house entirely of sweets. It’s all about moderation and balance.

If you can, stock up at the Adelaide Central Markets or save the time and have your groceries delivered to your door using Foodland Frewville or Foodland Pasadena’s home delivery service. Alternatively, try out a subscription service like Aussie Farmers Direct. If you want to take it one step further and have your meals planned out for you, exact groceries you need delivered to your door then there’s things like CSIRO’s Total Wellbeing Diet, a hi-protein/low GI diet plan.

Cut Back On The Coffee And Booze

Ditch the alcohol and swap your coffees for loads of water this week. If you’re game, go wild and try a veggie-packed green juice to help your body detox.

Get Outdoors

Hit the great outdoors and check out the beautiful Autumn colours that are on show right now. You can take a hike on the best walking trails around Adelaide or head to the Vegan Affair Grand Opening this weekend at Port Noarlunga.

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