’56 things to do outdoors before you turn 14′ initiative launched by Nature Play SA

Nature Play SA has launched a resource that is aimed at encouraging children to be more active with a list created by SA primary school students.

Research has uncovered that South Australians aren’t active enough. Leading South Australian, not-for-profit organisation and authority in many facets of children’s lives, Nature Play SA has launched a resource that is aimed at encouraging children to be more active.

Titled ‘56 things to do outdoors before you turn 14’, the list is an online, inclusive resource of 56 things to do before a child turns 14. 

From climbing trees and birdwatching to hitting a boundary in cricket and trying goal ball – the list has something for all abilities and interests.  

The list was created by primary school students, primarily from Alberton Primary School, Upper Sturt Primary and further refined by coaches, athletes, and sporting bodies.

The students involved came up with over 400 ideas to do outside. The ideas represented three themes: playing sport; being active in nature; and doing things that help your wellbeing.

In total the list features 56 things that include:

  • 26 sports to try before you turn 14 
  • 15 ways to get active outdoors before you turn 14 
  • 15 ways to nurture your wellbeing outdoors before you turn 14 

Nature Play SA, CEO, Sarah Sutter said “What makes this resource unique is the children’s voice and inclusivity and the fact it was created by children between the ages of 7 and 14.

“The list of 56 things includes sports, time in outdoors, and activities for wellbeing in nature. 

“To change the inactivity levels, State and Local Government, the sport and recreation sector, clubs and community groups all have an important role to play, and we are continuously working on programs to support this movement.”

Nature Play SA is well and truly supporting this State Government mission to increase children’s activeness by launching this new resource and campaign.

“Sport and the great outdoors is for everyone of all abilities and SA has inclusion at the forefront of many sports,” Ms Sutter said.

“Being active outdoors is important for everyone everywhere and taking time out in nature is important for our wellbeing.”  

Minister Hildyard, Minister for Recreation Sport and Racing officially launched the resource on Monday, November 28 saying

“It is so very important that we encourage young people to be active in our beautiful natural environment.

 “This brilliant Nature Play SA resource has been designed by children for children under 14; young people have rightly led its development and it is an excellent example of what is possible when the voice of young people is empowered.

“The resource is inclusive of all abilities, accessible to all and shines the light on how important it is that every body is welcomed and included to participate in active recreation.

“The online resource has three downloadable lists and online content that explores opportunities across SA to get active outdoors.  I am sure that this resource will be well used by young people and enable many to enjoy the many physical, social, mental and emotional benefits that come with actively participating in outdoor recreation.”

The National Physical Activity Guidelines recommend that people are active for 60 minutes per day.

In South Australia, only 26% of children aged 0 – 12 years old meet this recommendation. When children become teenagers, physical activity decreases further, with only 14% of 13 – 17 years meeting the recommended 60 minutes of daily physical activity.

An Active Lives survey reported a consistent correlation between activity levels and health, wellbeing, and social outcomes.  People who were more active reported better mental health, stronger social connections, better overall health, and greater self-efficacy.

“The resource is adaptable and can have national reach, as many of the activities are generally not specific to South Australia. We hope families and children across the country will download and engage with the resource,” Ms Sutter said.

See the full list here.

For more information, visit the Nature Play SA website.

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