January 2023

5K Foam Fest returns to Adelaide in 2023

5k Foam Fest Fun Run is returning to Adelaide in January 2023 with over 22 foam-filled obstacles and challenging courses for all fitness levels!

The 5K Foam Fest is an experience like no other with an obstacle course-based fun run filled with a variety of obstacles and, of course, 2.5 million cubic feet of foam!

The course begins at the Oakbank Racecourse where the crowd bounces with anticipation as a wall of foam falls from above – but that’s just the start.

You will come across a series of hurdles that’ll force you to get down and dirty in the mud. And if you thought that was messy, you’ll be in for a surprise with a crawl that’ll have you face-to-face with sludge. But don’t worry, you’ll reach an inflatable human version of a car wash that’ll get you soapy and clean. Or, in their words, “filthy clean”.

You’ll find yourself sprinting across ‘lily pads’ that’ll make you feel like you’re running on water and we hope you’re one for thrills because the steep mega slide is the world’s largest inflatable waterslide and is a must-do ‘death drop’ experience!

You’ll have to climb, duck and weave through a cargo and rope climb, high walls, log rolls, spider web forests and try to gracefully make your way through “Tube Town”, a series of floating circular tubes (we emphasise the “try”). Oh, and try not to fall over as you run through the tire hop, although, it may be better to walk for that one.

Relax for a moment as you go stomach up – or down – on one of their 3 slip n slide obstacles. Finish off the exhilarating course in a foamy exit that’ll greet you with a medal to congratulate you for completing the course.

Tickets are available to participate in over 22 obstacles, all optional, offering an exciting challenge for experienced and beginner runners. This course is made for fun and to be enjoyed by all ages.

You can also put together teams, and even double your distance if youโ€™re keen to make it a 10k challenge.

The tickets include an entry to the run, a full-sized beach towel, finisher’s medal, runners bib, bib buttons, Foam Fest tattoo, water stations, shower station, change room access, festival area, free kids zone, and FREE event photos for download.

Foam Fest only have one question: “Adelaide, are you ready?”

Tickets are on sale for $64.99 so sign up early to guarantee your spot and early bird benefits before the price is bumped up!

The event will take place on Saturday January 14, 2023 at Oakbank Racecourse.

For more information click here.

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