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6 New Bars In Adelaide You Need To Visit

Adelaide has a stack of great new bars and we’ve put together a list of our favs.


Image: Bank Street Social

With every new bar opening, our city steps more and more into its own. This year alone has seen the opening of some of Adelaide’s most celebrated bars. Adelaide’s boutique bar culture is at an all time high, but that’s not to say it’s at its peak. But what constitutes a peak, and will we know we’ve reached the pinnacle when we get there? We probably won’t know until it’s over, but in the mean time, sit back and relax with a new cocktail made from produce supplied by new South Australian distilleries in one of these newly established bars. Oh and by this time tomorrow we’ll have another two for the list, so don’t forget to hunt down Laneway The Third and The Balcony pop ups.

1. Bank St Social


Image: Bank Street Social

Opened: July 2014
Where: 48 Hindley St, Adelaide
Highlight: The interior design is sumptuous, and the huge drinks list behind the bar makes for ease of order.
More here.  

2. Pirie & Co. Social Club


Image: Pirie & Co. Social Club

Opened: February 2014
Where: 121 Pirie St, Adelaide
Highlights: The intimate space makes for incredible concerts. Unlike at the AEC, you can literally reach out and touch your muso crush.
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3. Mother Vine


Image: Mother Vine

Opened: May 2014
Where: 22-26 Vardon Lane, Adelaide
Highlights: The open space, large windows and friendly staff make for a really enjoyable (and stylish) start to a night out.
More here.

4. Maybe Mae

Opened: July 2014
Where: 15 Peel St, Adelaide
Highlight: The Subway tunnel lane way thing. You’ll have to experience it for yourself.
More here.

5. Ancient World

Ancient World

Image: Renew Adelaide

Opened: February 2014
Where: 116a Hindley St, Adelaide (hidden between a sausage shop and an adult store in an unnamed alley)
Highlight: Once you find it, you actually become lost in a whole other world. Are you in Adelaide? No. You’re in a jungle. A jungle that is also a bar and a café and a music venue and a gallery.
More here.

6. The Little Hunter


Image: The Little Hunter

Opened: April 2014
Where: 25 Victoria St, Adelaide
Highlight: A little pocket of Australian culture in the heart of the city. Grab a steak for dinner and then carry on sampling their huge array of Australian boutique beers and South Australian wines.
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