New 6 Weeks To Sexy Adelaide Location

6 Weeks To Sexy To Cater To Mums At New Stepney Location

Adelaide’s 6 Weeks To Sexy gym has again moved location to cater to demand, adding a new tailored programs Mums as well.


There’s a lot you can achieve in 6 weeks if you really put your mind to it. For example, you could consume your body weight in chocolate and red wine. But on the other end of the scale, you could also do a lot to boost your strength and wellbeing. Life choices, right?

For those with an inclination towards the latter, you’ll probably want to avoid the awkward eye contact with gym junkies and get a support network around you. Hell, even better, how about being a part of a group all working towards exactly the same goal?

This is the foundation of the 6 Weeks To Sexy program and since the last time Glam Adelaide cast our eye in their direction the Adelaide team has been forced to move once again to cater to demand.

Their latest move into a new Stepney premises will also see Head Trainer Sam Worrall-Thompson begin to incorporate a new 6 Week Mums program. “We’re fortunate to have found some great trainers all specialising in different areas as well as our in house nanny service that we provide for our mums,” explains Worrall-Thompson “We’re always touching base with our crew and seeing where they are at in their 6 week program to measure and maximise results.”

The 6 Weeks To Sexy (all-female), 6 Weeks to Shredded (all-male) and 6 Week Mums have all been specifically designed to focus on fitness, strength and fat loss. With programs catering to all ages and fitness levels (members ranging from 18 – 60) every workout can be tailored or altered to manage varying fitness levels or injuries as well. They’ll probably let you have chocolate and wine before and after the work out as well to be honest.

For more information, visit the 6 Weeks To Sexy website or email enquiries through to [email protected] 

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