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8 Reasons Why You Should Try Pilates This Year

With a bit of #fitspo and a growing list of new ways to get into shape – we’ve found one particular method that you might have overlooked

Alright, alright. We’re a couple of weeks into the New Year now and hopefully still feeling pretty good about our fitness resolutions. With a bit of #fitspo and a growing list of new ways to get into shape – we’ve found one particular method that you might have overlooked in the past. We’re talking reformer Pilates!
Now, reformer Pilates ain’t no joke. We’ve tried and tested it to make sure. But we felt the need to reiterate this as a super awesome addition to your regime or even the perfect way to kickstart your goals this year.
We spoke to the experts at Studio Pilates to find out eight of the BEST reasons you should give it a go.

1. Increased Core Stability 

2. Corrects imbalance in the body –  By this we mean, it strengthens weak muscles and stretches tight muscles.

3. Tones the whole body – Say helloooo to long and lean muscles.
4. Prevents injuries – Reformer pilates can be used to exercise and stay in shape but it can also be used for rehabilitating injuries.

Photo Credit: Studio Pilates Instagram
Photo Credit: Studio Pilates Instagram

5. Safe for everyone to practice – This type of exercise is perfect for anyone at any level of fitness level! It’s not at all  just for the fit and fabulous things we see in Hollywood.

6. Improves posture, flexibility and endurance  – Bonus!
7. It’s a fun addition to mix up your existing fitness routine – You might find your results are plateauing in your normal routine after a while and this could be just the refresher that you need to add in! Make no mistake – it can be just challenging.
8. Helps to flatten stomach and waistline – Who could say no to this (especially after the festive season, right?!)
Photo Credit: Studio Pilates Instagram

So whether your goals are working towards a total body transformation, committing to making your health a priority or even just creating healthy habits that will last you a lifetime and keep you feeling your best. This is a great place to start. The team at Studio Pilates are super motivating and there to support you every step of the way.

Including taking the first steps by joining their 30 Day Challenge!

  • Two FREE classes for registrations made and paid by midnight 31 January.
  • Intense reformer classes that will deliver long, lean toned muscles. Boosted metabolism. Dramatically flattened abs. Mental and physical strength and stamina. Improved posture, body alignment, coordination and balance. More energy. Better breath control. Flexibility. Accelerated results.
  • Total Body Composition Analysis is available for an extra fee, pre and post the Challenge. In under one minute, this state-of-the-art medical grade equipment accurately measures and analyses your body composition so you can understand how your diet, lifestyle and training are influencing you, in terms of muscle-fat ratios, segmental muscle mass, body water analysis and loads more. Set goals and measure your results more accurately than ever before. Purchase these online as one of your pack options when you book the 30 Day Challenge.
  • HIIT cardio classes
  • Goal setting workshop
  • Pre and post Challenge parties
  • Recognition awards for achievements – Pilates Addict (Studio Choice) + Best Overall Body Composition Results + Most Cm Lost.
  • A comprehensive Program Guide to supercharge your results, with challenging home workouts to complement your studio workouts, plus heaps of cardio programs for beginners to expert level,  plus stretching guides, mindset tips and guidance, and much more.
  • The Recipe Companion booklet compiled in collaboration with The Well Nest, and our ever-popular, results-driven Nutrition and Recipe Guide – both packed with a huge selection of delicious and healthy recipe options for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.
  • Daily motivational SMS messages.
  • Weekly emails bursting with health and fitness articles, videos and recipes
  • Amazing instructors. Amazing classes. Amazing results.


20 classes for $390^ save $150. ONLY $19.50 PER CLASS.
28 classes* for $450^ save $306. ONLY $16.10 PER CLASS.
The Thirty Day Challenge involves committing to at least five Studio Pilates classes per week, with a strict one month expiry.
For more information visit http://www.studiopilates.com/ or follow Studio Pilates on Facebook and Instagram.

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