$9.5 million Tap House & Luxury Pavilions announced for McLaren Vale

The Bickford’s Group has just announced a $9.5 million dollar build in McLaren Vale with Vale Brewing Tap House and Beresford Luxury Pavilions for the region.

The Bickford’s Group has just announced the South Australian owned construction firm Mossop Construction + Interiors will commence works on the $9.5 million dollar capital works this June alongside Alexander Brown Architects and award-winning Studio Gram Interior Design Practice.

The Vale Brewing Taphouse will comprise a state-of-the-art microbrewing facility, visitor centre and commercial restaurant, set amongst the existing Estate with breathtaking views overlooking the region. The project will also see the introduction of 15 premium, environmentally sustainable Beresford Luxury Pavilions to the Estate.

Chris Illman, Bickford’s Group Head of Marketing, said, “The establishment of the Taphouse facility combines a culinary tourism experience with geographically branded beverage production, which in turn will provide McLaren Vale with a significant additional inbound tourism attraction and create employment opportunities year-round’.

The Taphouse will become home to the internationally recognised Vale Brewing, strongly connected to its McLaren Vale origins, and will showcase South Australian regional produce on the restaurant menu. The beer produced on site will form part of the alcoholic beverage range distributed by the Bickford’s Group.

The Vale Brewing Taphouse is expected to be a major tourism driver, further complementing the internationally recognised iconic sites already in the region. ‘It will create cutting edge sensory local food and beverage experiences that will combine sight, sound, smell, touch and taste whilst utilising its spectacular natural setting reflecting the region’s identity and brand positioning goals’ says Chris Illman.

The Beresford Luxury Pavilions will provide visitors with a unique, premium accommodation experience combining luxury appointed finishes with contemporary external design. The Pavilions have been designed in a way that complements the surrounding natural environment and will cleverly utillise sustainable materials. The use of strategic landscaping will provide visitors with an intimate experience allowing them to fully enjoy the scenic outlook and all the expected comforts of high-end, boutique accommodation.

Over the past six years, the Bickford’s Group have delivered a significant number of major tourism projects like the acclaimed 23rd Street Distillery in Renmark and Beresford Tasting Pavilion in McLaren Vale which promote South Australian manufactured premium beverage products locally and abroad. This project will create a premium South Australian tourism attraction supporting South Australia’s strategic priorities and create ongoing, skilled, yearround regional employment opportunities.

To keep up to date with the progress visit Vale Brewing or Beresford Wines.

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