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9 hidden gem venues to explore during Adelaide Fringe 2024

Beyond the well-trodden paths lie venues that offer unique, immersive experiences, each with its own character and charm.

Adelaide Fringe 2024 is set to dazzle with a kaleidoscope of artistic wonders, and hidden amongst its bustling streets are some truly remarkable gems waiting to be discovered.

Beyond the well-trodden paths lie venues that offer unique, immersive experiences, each with its own character and charm. From underground tunnels to extraordinary outdoor experiences, these hidden gems provide an alternative Fringe journey for the curious and adventurous.

So. Let’s unveil nine of these hidden gems.

1) Natural Wonders at Botanic Garden

As dusk falls, the Botanic Garden morphs into an enchanting night-time gallery. Explore a mesmerising trail showcasing diverse natural ecosystems through projected artworks and storytelling. These installations offer a unique experience for all ages, combining art, light, and music in a captivating environment. Natural Wonders features “ArchiBio” by Andrej Boleslavsky, “Borealis” by Dan Acher, “Passage” by light and installation duo, Harsh Realities, “Project Earth” by Liam Somerville and Michael Ellingford, “Time on Country” by Alex Frayne and Katrina Penning  and “The Spirit Lives On” by Ngarrindjeri woman, Nicole Gollan in partnership with Same River Studio

2) Sleeps Hill Tunnel Adventure

Step into the forgotten Sleeps Hill Tunnel and be transported through time. Located in the foothills of Panorama, discover this historical gem’s past from steam trains to mushroom farming, illuminated by mesmerising projections and artistic installations. An exclusive, must-see destination that beautifully marries Adelaide’s history with art.

3) Pink Flamingo Spiegelclub Extravaganza

The Pink Flamingo Spiegelclub debuts at Adelaide Fringe, offering a fusion of cabaret, circus, and a spectacular party environment at the iconic Festival Plaza. It’s where high-octane performances meet glamorous cocktails, all set in an atmosphere dripping with Gatsby-esque luxury. A sensory feast not to be missed!

4) The Yurt

Step inside The Yurt, a cozy haven of creativity at The Migration Museum which is set to become the ‘fringe of the Fringe’. This unique venue offers clear sightlines and a warm atmosphere, perfect for an array of performances. It’s intimate, inviting, and incredibly captivating. There is a courtyard which includes a food and beverage offering and nice seating outside for before and after shows. 

4) Electrifying Circus at Infamous in Ellis Park

Infamous The Show brings its risqué and exhilarating circus acts to Fringe for the first time. In a Spiegel Big Top, experience a world of daredevil stunts, seductive acts, and hilarious comedy that will leave you spellbound and clamoring for more.

6) The Dome at Freemasons Hall

Dive into the iconic sounds of Pink Floyd like never before in The Dome at Freemasons Hall. Celebrate 50 years of ‘The Dark Side Of The Moon’ with a visually stunning 360° experience that’s – truly – out of this world. Get ready for a psychedelic journey through time and space!

7) The Inflatable Church in Light Square

Get hitched or just hitch a laugh at The Inflatable Church. It’s a whimsical, interactive wedding extravaganza that’s as unique as you. Bring your party shoes and a sense of adventure for a wedding experience that’s joyfully unconventional.

8) Poppin Out Festival at Mary’s Poppin

The Poppin Out Festival, originally planned for Adelaide Gaol, is now set to electrify Mary’s Poppin in Adelaide. This exciting event, taking place on February 24 from 6pm until late, has evolved into a dynamic celebration within Mary’s Poppin and Synagogue Place. The festival will feature three dance floors, spectacular drag performances, and high-energy DJ sets, headlined by Sneaky Sound System. An outdoor dance area, South Ave pop-up bar, and seating will also be available, enhancing the experience with Adelaide’s urban vibe.

9) Sidebyside Festival

Immerse yourself in the pulsating beats of Sidebyside Festival in Helen Mayo Park. This one-day extravaganza brings the latest in electronic music, set against a backdrop of natural and industrial beauty. It’s an inclusive, high-energy festival that promises an unforgettable day of music and arts.

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