9 Things We Like About Adelaide Trams

9 Things We Like About Adelaide Trams

A politician’s promise is worth very little until you see action, but the $500 million tram expansion proposal for Adelaide did get us thinking.


Isn’t it funny how politicians hold onto all the good stuff right until an election is announced? Actually, it’s pretty sad. Anyway, when Bill Shorten rolled into town earlier this week he had a $500 million dollar tram network proposal to put to us. It raised a few eyebrows and brought out the usual naysayers because change in Adelaide is just about the scariest thing that can happen in our ridiculously pleasant lives.

But have you ever seen how incredible the electric rail network in Adelaide was during the 1950s? What’s quite funny about the proposal is that it will pretty much bring back the network we paved over a few decades ago. When you look closer, a lot of the grumbling from car drivers doesn’t take into account the fact that the road will be less congested for them because more people will catch the tram rather than drive (that’s the whole point of public transport guys). But that’s not the only bonus we think that trams offer Adelaide. Here’s what we already like about them:

1. Our Trams Have WIFI
Because who likes paying for data when you’re streaming Netflix on your trip into town.

2. Our Trams Save Time
For the people who are riding it and for the people who are on the road. When was the last time you enjoyed Anzac Highway in peak hour? We’d rather enjoy watching the traffic build up from the window of a tram as you whiz along.

3. The Tram Saves Money
Because even though petrol has come down a bit, let’s be honest, a $3.48 peak hour fare for a tram ride is much cheaper. Bottom line. More money for wine. Right?

4. You Can Put Your Feet Up
Not literally, there are signs that say no, but it beats carpooling with your buddy who won’t stop playing that new Jonas Brothers song. Plus, if you zone out on the journey, at least you won’t end up on autopilot and accidentally drive to your childhood home. Or is that just us?

5. Trams Tell You What’s On
If you don’t like reading or your friends on social media don’t get out much, there’s a moving billboard to tell you what’s happening around town. We’ve also heard there’s a great website for that called Glam Adelaide…

6. Not Paying For CBD Parking
$20+ for the day or using our legs to walk the square mile? There’s a rational choice to be made in that.

7. You Meet New People
Usually, people who use public transport do so every day, so you can really get to know how the top of their head looks as they look down at their phones.

8. You Can Have A Few Knock Offs
Drink driving is completely stupid. Ride the tram and you can enjoy a few knock offs and maybe even fit in a nap on the way home.

9. Tram Drivers Are Awesome
Quite seriously, we once had a tram driver who decided that between stops he’d read out some poetry. They’re underrated sources of entertainment, especially when you’re waiting for the tram to head off.

So, how’s that proposal looking now Adelaide?

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