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9 Workshops That Will Make Your Summer Shindig Insta-Worthy

With the influx of events coming up this season, it’s hard to make yours stand out amongst the crowds. Luckily for us, these fairy godmothers and fathers of organisational mastery exist to help you throw the best god-damn event you’ve ever seen.

The season for parties is upon us and we couldn’t be more ready for it. We’ve placed massive online orders for clothes, stocked up on all the essentials (shavers, sunscreen, aloe vera gel and wine – of course), and started filling up our calendar. With the influx of events coming up this season, it’s hard to make yours stand out amongst the crowds. Sure, you could spend thousands of dollars booking a yacht for you and 30 of your closest friends, but for many that’s out of their price range. Sure, you could go down to the local pub and shout everyone a beer or two, but that probably won’t be memorable.

Miss MYSA Events know how to throw a party, evident from their huge launch party on 10 November. Filled with booze, ridiculously entertaining activities and the most magical grazing table you’ve ever seen (it was at least 10m long), there was no denying the pretty amazing peeps down there know how to have a great time.

Luckily for us mere mortals of the event-planning world, these fairy godmothers and fathers of organisational mastery exist to help you throw the best god-damn event your group of mates have ever seen.

Here are the 8 best party workshops from the masters in events:


We all love to drink, there’s no denying and if we tried to we’d be big fat liars. Miss MYSA understand this and they understand us (possibly better than we understand ourselves). They know we need to drink and have all the tools to make that happen. With lavish garnishes and imported spirits from boutique distilleries you’ll be able to shake, juice, pour and clink your way to happiness over their fast-tracked mixology workshop.

Having created a Turkish Delight-flavoured cocktail for their launch party, we have no doubt they have more flavour sensations up their belts. Your posse will learn how to make a cocktail from scratch, and with a little bit of flare from the instructor, they’ll have fun while they do it. Plus, you get to drink your creation after, and if that’s not a great reward for learning at a party, I don’t know what is.

Silent Disco

MC Hammer has got nothing on you! Pop on the wireless head sets and be transported into your own version of ‘Tomorrowland’. Have you ever been to a bar where you request a song and the DJ ignores you? Not only will the DJ be playing the latest and greatest in electronic dance music as you boogie the night away, but you’ll also be able to request Waterfalls by TLC and Senorita by Justin Timberlake til your heart’s content.

Unicorn Bar

Channel your inner Coachella goddess and get ‘Glit’ with your crew at your very own Unicorn bar. With glitter and face jewels a-plenty, their bombastic make-up artists will ensure you look sparkalicious at the end of your customised bedazzling session (not that you didn’t beforehand)

Tarot Reading

Looking for something a little bit spiritual for your next event? Something that shows how deep and whimsical you are? Why not try the ancient wisdom that is tarot reading and see if you’re going to marry that bajillionaire in the next few years.
As you sink down into their comfortable leather ottomans (and trust us, they’re comfyyyy) casually puff on their crystal hookah’s while their experienced intuitives guide you through a personalised reading.

Whisky Appreciation

We’re sure you already appreciate whisky… but there’s no reason you can’t appreciate it more. Take a whirlwind tour of Scotland with their experienced whisky expert. During this workshop you’ll get to compare three award-winning aged whiskies from the Australia’s top distilleries. Relax and enjoy a good chat with those around you because, let’s be honest, there’s nothing better than a chat over a good malt.

Laser Tag

Ready, Aim, FIRE! Work your way around the inflatable obstacle course full of inflatable flamingos and plenty to hide behind, and become the first to capture the flag. But be wary, your opposition are lurking around every corner looking to pick you off one by one.
A great team-building exercise, you and your group of misfits will be able to duck, weave, roll and sprint your way to glory!

Floral Design

Are you a flower addict? Does your heart skip a beat at the sight of the ruffly tulle like petals of the peony? Do you prefer whimsical, unstructured arrangements or the classic lines of the Ecuadorian rose? Choose from an abundance of sweetly perfumed blooms and create your own elaborate arrangement to take home under the tutelage of their expert florist.

Champagne and Caviar Tasting

Do you know your Osetra from your Beluga? Or your Sterlet from your Kaluga? We sure don’t, but we pretend to!
Glam up your evening soiree, and experience some of the world’s most sought-after caviar expertly paired with French champagne. Together, you will discover why it is considered the pearl of the sea.

Henna Tattoo

Henna has been used since antiquity and is believed to have originated in Egypt from the Mehandi plant. Recognised by its highly intricate and elaborate works of art, it’s application was once reserved for betrothals and wedding celebrations. Sit down with one of their artists and collaborate on your own design.
Sounds amazing, right? Well it gets even better. When you choose Miss Mysa Events, you’re not only investing in a show-stopping event, you are investing in social change. ‘How?’, you ask. With the highest refugee youth unemployment rate in the country, South Australia desperately needed change. MYSA (Multicultural Youth of South Australia) decided to develop a social enterprise that would provide training and paid work experience to some of the state’s most vulnerable young people, and thus Miss Mysa Events was born.

If your business is lacking on the social responsibility front, or you’re a party thrower who feels they should give a little bit back to the community, this not-for-profit business will tick all the boxes. Not only will you have a stunning event that rivals the most Instagram-worthy out there, but you’ll feel content in the knowledge that you’ve helped give a young person a chance to succeed.

Miss Mysa Events
Shop 9, Millers Arcade
28 Hindley St, Adelaide
Phone: (+61) 414 711 334
Email: [email protected]
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