$92 million revamp set for Mile End’s aging Netball SA Stadium

South Australia’s Netball SA Stadium will receive a $92 million upgrade, promising improved facilities and a potential for multi-sport use.

The Malinauskas Labor Government has announced an investment of $80 million into a new multi-sport facility at Mile End. This move is aimed at offering a much-needed upgrade to the ageing Netball SA Stadium. The Government investment adds to the existing $12 million fund already destined for the facility. From this, the Australian Government has contributed $6 million, bringing the total investment value to $92 million.

The investment notification coincided with the commencement of Adelaide Thunderbird’s premiership defence at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre. The renovation scheme will offer a more refined experience to the approximately half a million individuals who visit the venue annually. This includes expansion in the number of courts, improved seating and, most importantly, replacing the current stadium that has been afflicted with numerous issues including a leaking roof, power failures and a faulty air-conditioning system.

Netball remains a popular physical activity within South Australia, with over 35,000 regular participants. grassroots dedication to the sport will be further nurtured through upgrades to all 26 Mile End outdoor netball courts. These include enhanced lighting, superior shelters and new playing surfaces. The indoor shell of the revamped facility will accommodate a 3,000-seat show court, which is expected to attract higher-level national sporting events to South Australia.

This renovation will transform the stadium into a multi-sport facility, housing not only netball but also other indoor sports such as volleyball. The improvements will be made in two phases with the indoor facility set to be finished by the end of 2027.

Bronwyn Klei, the CEO of Netball SA, expressed her pleasure over the Government’s response. She said, “We are thrilled that the Malinauskas Government has responded to the needs of the South Australian netball community and continues to invest record amounts into grassroots sport. The stadium is the home to netball and this redevelopment will secure the future for all of netball in South Australia. We’ve worked tirelessly in recent years with the government to achieve this for our community and we’re so pleased our netball family will experience a first-class facility.”

Taking into account the popularity of Netball, especially among girls, South Australian Premier Peter Malinauskas recognises that the current facilities are not up to the required standard. This new development will ensure proper provision for the 35,000 female netball players while focusing on promoting not only physical fitness, but also community-based participation. He shared “More girls in SA play netball than any other ball sport. It is a powerhouse of participation.”

Malinauskas continued, “This is an investment in the future, which will provide new impetus for healthy, community-based participation.

“Situated in the middle of a greatly improved Mile End sporting precinct, the new stadium will also help facilitate more national and international events.”

“Netball is the biggest sport for women and girls in South Australia, and this significant investment, together with the magnificent Thunderbirds, will encourage even more people of every age to get involved and will see the sport continue to grow and thrive,” Minister for Recreation, Sport and Racing Katrine Hildyard said.

“Sport provides invaluable community connection. It keeps our children and so many people active and healthy and offers a sense of belonging that cannot be matched.

“This incredible development will enable more people to be included and active in netball and other sports and to experience the mental, physical and emotional health and wellbeing benefits of being so.

“I really look forward to this incredible infrastructure supporting future generations of athletes, from those attending their very first netball clinic, to seasoned athletes competing in country champs to those aspiring to compete at the highest level.”

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