A Beautiful Home: It Is All In The Art Of Choosing

For art’s sake, check out these tips on how to pick the perfect art for your home!

Interior styling. Some have the knack and some do not. But that’s ok because there are experts to help us! When it comes to beautifully finishing off a home, there are two people who really know their stuff. They just happen to be sisters…

Adelaide’s very own Alisa and Lysandra Fraser, best known from The Block television series but now known for totally kicking you know what when it comes to interior decorating, have given us a few tips on the ‘finishing touches’.

The dynamo design duo think that the perfect finish actually all comes down to art. You can update, change the look and complete the look of a room with one simple piece of artwork,

Well that is easier said than done, right. Art is so varied. Honestly, it can all be a bit confusing. How do we know which piece of art will best suit the space?

Never fear because here are Alisa and Lysandra’s top six tips to choosing artwork for YOUR space:

The Size Is Right
Consider the scale of the artwork in the space. The ceiling height is a good reference point for the size of art you should choose. The higher the ceiling the bigger you can go. Whilst oversized artwork is on trend, you don’t want it to crowd the wall space either.

I See Your True Colours
Colours in artwork needn’t necessarily match other pieces in your room and the more subtle and understated the colour reference, the better. Nobody wants matchy-matchy!

Let Loose
Art genres are many and varied and should be considered in context of your overall design scheme. Like colour, try not to make obvious matches or references in styling as the art may just get lost. It should stand out and make a statement, for art’s sake!

Less Is More
Use artwork sparingly and upon walls in spaces where the art will have meaning and impact. Putting up too many pieces for the sake of covering blank walls can detract from what you are trying to achieve as a designer.

Throw Out The Rule Book
Remember that personality has no rules. Sometimes the most obscure piece of artwork has the capacity to ignite your wall!

Make A Connection
Finally, try to find artworks that have a story and a connection with you and your space. You will love it so much more as it tends to always be an emotional purchase as it really is ‘the final touch’.

Dig up the interior stylist inside of you and get arty! You can also check out Alisa and Lysandra’s United Artworks collection here.

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