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Palmer and Woolford British themed cafe opens at Adelaide Central Market

A new British inspired cafe is opening in the Adelaide Central Market, that’s set to showcase all the wonders of British cuisine.

All Photos by Palmer and Woolford

A new British inspired cafe is opening in the Adelaide Central Market, that’s set to showcase all the wonders of British cuisine.

Palmer and Woolford have long been a catering company providing quality English foods at events around Adelaide, but as of Wednesday 17 March they will have a permanent home in the Market.

The shop is owned by Englishman Jeremy Woolford and his partner Liz Fitzgerald and they’re bringing back classic British food that you can’t get much of anymore.

Jeremy said their new location is not a regular store, but a place to exchange stories.

“The thing that i love most about the store is that everybody has a story to tell, so it’s ‘where did you come from and oh I remember eating these when i was younger,” he says.

Liz added that “they don’t come to see me they come to talk to Jeremy and hear each other’s stories.”

The store got a taste of what it’s like to be in the markets in January when they were a part of the artist in residence program.

Last time they were at the markets there were some extraordinarily looking english delicacies for customers to sink their teeth into.

They had an incredible selection of baked sweets and some indulgent looking savoury items, and there are plans to keep these in the new store, plus a whole lot more options.

One of those sweet items was Bakewell Tarts which is about as English as they come.

For those of you who might not be familiar with the pleasures of a Bakewell Tart it consists of a shortcrust pastry shell beneath layers of jam, frangipane, and a topping of flaked almonds.

Now when you think of a meat pie you probably think of a great snack/lunch to go that you grab from the local bakery, well the British see it a little differently.

Their version is a pie smother in gravy accompanied by the sometimes divisive mushy peas and a Yorkshire Pudding.

Some of the other items to look out for include Scoth Eggs, Cornish Pasties, Black Pudding and traditional Ploughmans lunch with everything being made by hand by Jeremy.

The other great thing about these desserts is a lot of them have gluten free alternatives so they can be enjoyed by everyone!

Palmer and Woolford will be opening their market store on Wednesday 17 March.

You’ll be able to find them at shop 44 in the Central Market Arcade.

You can also catch them at the European market every month at Brighton.

For more info on Palmer and Woolford, check them out here.

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