A Complete Guide On How To Match Outfits With Your Groom

We spoke to the experts at Politix to find out how to pull off a complimentary outfit ensemble at your wedding.

You’ve been meticulous in your wedding planning, and the only thing you need to make the day perfect is to choose just the right outfit for yourself and the groom. Coordinating what to wear can be a challenge, but if you take the right approach, you’ll blow your guests away as you walk down the aisle in a stunning ensemble.


Marriage is all about communication, so why not get off to a good start when planning wedding day attire? There’s no reason to reveal the specifics of your dress, but a few details about colour and design can give him an idea of what he should look for in a suit. Keeping the colour scheme for the ceremony in mind, find a basic palette on which you can agree. Rule out colours you both dislike and styles unsuited to your body types.

Straight Up Match

Do you feel as though you and your groom were literally made for each other? Don’t hesitate to show it with a matching dress and suit combination. Pick one or two favourite colours as your guide, and go all out with your outfits. However, using too much of the same colour can backfire and look bizarre instead of charming. Be sure to include a few contrasting or complementary elements to provide balance, such as a neutral shade for his shirt or a simple sash around your waist.

Go Complementary

Colour wheels are essential when planning wedding themes, including outfits. Return to the process you used to pick out your wedding colours, and apply the same rules to your dress and your groom’s suit. You can either each wear one dominant colour or play around with the idea of complementary accessories. Remember to avoid colours you can’t realistically pull off, even if they look good with the main palette you used for the wedding.

Highlight the Small Stuff

One simple way to match with your groom is to coordinate details or accessories. You may wish to carry a bouquet made predominantly of flowers the same colour as his tie, or he could sport a tie in the exact shade of your dress. If you really want to make your outfits pop and grab the attention of attending friends and family, have fun with your look by making all of your accessories the exact same colour.

Step Out in Style

If playing with colour doesn’t appeal to you, pick a style around which to plan your outfits. Vintage is a fun theme with many possibilities from traditional formal wear to the funky look of steampunk. Young couples may feel more comfortable with modern dress and suit designs instead of those worn by their parents or grandparents. Geek culture is also a very popular source of inspiration for modern weddings. Of course, traditional styles never go out of fashion. Well-fitting dresses and suits make for a sharp look any couple can pull off.

Put these tips into action while keeping individual personalities in mind when choosing your dress and your groom’s suit. When you’re both comfortable with what you’re wearing, it helps dispel any remaining wedding jitters and lets your love for each other shine through. Start your life together with coordinating outfits, and you’ll set the stage for a harmonious marriage.

Go Black or White (or Both)

Even if you’re not a fan of formality, you can do quite a bit with basic black and white. Mix up tradition with a white suit for him and black accents on both of your outfits, or dress him up in a basic tux while you sport a black sash, black shoes or a bouquet accented by a few dark flowers. White also makes a lovely backdrop for more vibrant colours, such as blue or violet, and can add an unexpected element to an otherwise simple ensemble.

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