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A cosy nook has opened in Prospect full of comfort eating

Look forward to fun new twists on banh mis, toasties, and sandwiches with Prospect’s newest comfort eatery, The Nook.


Partners, Hieu and Rachel want you to feel comfortable when you visit their new eatery on Prospect Road.

“Think of a cosy little nook, that’s what our food is going to make you feel like,” Hieu tells us.

The Vietnamese, Australian born chef is a hospitality native, and more importantly an adventurous foodie from the start.

The former is due to her extensive experience as a chef of Mediterranean cuisine for 15 years, the latter for her relationship with her mother, who introduced her to the levy of intricate flavours afforded to being raised in an asian-centric household.

“Expect two cultures on a plate,” Hieu says.

“Growing up I ate weird stuff, spring rolls in barbecue sauce, so I knew some flavours worked and some didn’t.”

Hieu’s parents opened a restaurant when they came to Australia called Tu-Do, which translates from Vietnamese to ‘Freedom’.

The Nook’s menu is the result of a mixture of Hieu’s professional experience, her mother’s influences, and eating out over the years.

“She’s the best chef I know,” Hieu says.

The menu is divvied up with bangas (banh mis, toasties, sandwiches), quickies and sides, but you’re going to get more than the run of the mill banh mi or toastie.

Opt for ‘the chonks’ and you’ll get roast beef, provolone, house chutney, rocket, pickles, creamy hot mustard on dark rye. ‘The Mia’ is filled with aged cheddar, stracchino, parmesan on golden sour dough toastie with a parmesan crust.

You really can’t look past ‘the frips’ which has the nook dusted buttermilk chicken, mum’s slaw, gruyere, smoky adobo chipotle sauce on fresh ciabatta.

In a fun twist, menu items are named after Hieu and Rachel’s friends, and with vegan, vegetarian and gluten free options, The Nook is pretty inclusive for all.

As the venue can only fit 10 with COVID-19 requirements, and 20 at full capacity, the duo have made themselves available for online orders, and working towards installing a takeaway window.

In the meantime, head to The Nook for that “comfort feeling, that warm fuzzy feeling,” in your stomach.

The Nook Eatery opens Thursday 6 August, from 10.30am ’til 2.30pm from Tuesdays to Sundays.

They’re also opening from Friday to Saturday for dinner bites from 5.30pm ’til 8.30pm.

Keep up to date by following them on Instagram and Facebook.

Find The Nook Eatery at 101A Prospect Road, Adelaide, SA.

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