A Cuban Coffee Cocktail Recipe For Your Weekend

If you’re looking for a seriously good Nespresso cocktail to kick off your weekend, we have just the ticket.



Just in time for the weekend, we’ve sacrificed ourselves here at Glam Adelaide and sampled some Cuban-inspired coffee cocktails JUST FOR YOU. We’re slaves to our jobs, what can we say?

The coffee gods over at Nespresso have delivered another limited edition flavour pod, this time channelling all things Cuban. Introducing Cubania. This slightly bitter tasting caffeine hit can not only be enjoyed by hard-core coffee aficionados (ideal served with 2 sticks of brown sugar dissolved into 25ml  of Cubania then topped up with another 25ml of Cubania), but those of us who enjoy a knock off cocktail with some kick are also in for a treat.

With its unparalleled intensity of 13 , this exclusive Grand Cru is evocative of the cafecito, allowing you to fully experience coffee the Latin way.

Luckily for us, Sydney mixologist Mike Enright has figured out how to turn this HUGE coffee into a great cocktail.


cubania3Cafe y Especias Martini


50ml Bacardi 8 Rum

30ml Nespresso Cubania

10ml Angostura Bitters

10ml Orgeat Syrup

Grated nutmeg


Add all ingredients in the Nespresso Ritual Shaker, add ice and shake 4 times. Strain into a chilled Nespresso PIXIE Cup or martini glass.

Finish with freshly grated nutmeg over the top of the drink.

Please drink responsibly. 



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