A dry, sunny day for Christmas Day, says Bureau of Meteorology

A sunny day with a temperature max in the mid-to-high 20s is expected for Christmas Day in Adelaide.

The Bureau of Meteorology has released its forecast for Christmas Day in South Australia, with the Adelaide area expecting dry and mostly sunny conditions and a temperature maximum in the mid to high 20s by the middle of the day.

Afternoon sea breezes are likely in the city after a predicted top of 29C, while the south of the state will warm up to become hot later in the day. In the northwest, isolated showers and cloudy conditions are possible, fed by a tropical low from Western Australia.

Boxing Day is expected to be slightly warmer right across the state.

The last two Christmas Days have been hot, reaching 35.5C in 2019 and 36.2C in 2018, but the average maximum temperature for December 25 in Adelaide is 28C.

Check out the Bureau of Meteorology website for the latest forecasts and weather warnings for throughout South Australia.

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