A Few Minutes with In Flagranti

Electro duo In Flagranti (Sasha Crnobrnja and Alex Gloor) will be bringing their elegant disco touch to the 2012 Summadayze festivals. From forming their own record label (Codek Records) to weaving their flamboyant style of ‘electro-disco-afro-rock-funk-dub’ and graphic design together, In Flagranti epitomize an independent, DIY work ethic so desperately missing from music today.

‘We like to be independent!’ says Alex.

‘If you want to be an independent artist with a clear focus, you have to do everything yourself. We’re lucky we can do that’.

Having made music for over 20 years, the duo draw on many influences to shape their distinct sound. Moving to New York in 90s was a major catalyst for a change in their sound, as well as scouting flea markets for rare vinyls to add to their ever-growing musical lexicon. No David Guetta cut-and-paste sounds here; but influences of glam rock and plenty of Donna Summer are definitely present.

‘All my life I’ve been collecting music, in the 70s I started buying music from flea markets and making notes on the records. These are all the samples we use now, stuff that nobody would ever think of using. But I don’t even listen to new music. I only deal with old music. That’s what I’m good at. My partner Sasha deals with the new music and sourcing new acts.’

I assured Alex he had the better job (Giorgio Moroder beats Afrojack any day of the week).

‘It’s interesting because when you buy an old record you don’t always know what you’ll be dealing with. You have to try and make sense of it. It’s a challenge. Going into a thrift shop and seeing records you’ve never seen before is just so fascinating, and being able to make that into new music’

Come Summadayze, the duo hope to read the crowds well – never coming to a show with a set list, they improvise right before hitting the stage.

‘Sometimes the crowd is younger and you know you have to kick ass. When the crowd is older though, then you’re allowed to be a bit obscure [laughs]’

In Flagranti play Summadayze, December 31 at Rymill Park
Tickets on sale now through
For more information, visit

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