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A Good Aim For ‘Archery’

Get your neon fix with stunning local jewellery label, Archery.


Archery Jewellery Collections emerged from what was initially a cheap and practical way of giving gifts for Christmas between two friends, Caitlin Whitehouse and Kate Baillie. They made pieces of jewellery they thought each other would like, and everyone else liked them too. From there Archery was born.

Caitlin and Kate have a background in Art History and curatorship and Graphic Design, respectively, which accounts for the adroit detail and craftsmanship in Archery Collections.

We had a chat to Caitlin and Kate  to find out the story behind Archery.

What is special about Archery?

It is a handcrafted jewellery range that is made with love right here in Adelaide. The colour combinations and designs of each piece are carefully considered so that each piece is unique.

What inspired your latest collection, Neon Hunters?

So much has inspired it, we love colour, shape and neon and we love textiles, and detail in objects. We both have travelled a lot and we are avid magazine and blog readers too. We see the Neon Hunters range as a combination of some of our favorite design elements and colours.

What is the philosophy behind Archery?

The philosophy is to create original designs that people will continue to love for years to come. Any woman (or man) can wear our pieces as long as they are comfortable with themselves and enjoy a bit of colour and fun!

Has there been and glitches along the way?

No glitches, but the whole process has been a learning curve for both of us. We are learning about each stage as we go along! Given our product is handmade by us, we do also have limitations to how much we can physically make and therefore supply.

What has been the highlight throughout the production of Archery so far?

Spending so much time with each other working through our ideas! And seeing our ideas turn into a product that people have been responding really positively to. Also seeing our product displayed in some beautiful shops is really exciting.

What is some advice for aspiring jewellery designers in Adelaide?

Have fun and just go for it.












With another jewellery line and an inaugural home wares line in the making, the girls have a lot keep them busy, and we have a lot to look forward to.  To view Archery online see their Facebook page here, or head into Bauhaus on Rundle Street.

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