A Gracious Act Of Kindness Wins Big For School

A fun fair is coming in 2016 thanks to one selfless act…

When asked the question ‘what would be the best hour of your life?’ You might think of a huge list of things, but all of those things may be rather self indulgent. Well one woman gave a very selfless answer when asked that question as part of the OTR ‘Best Hour’ promotion, and she has been announced as the final week winner.

The four week campaign has seen customers win in a share of $20k to create the best hour of their lives and the final winner is Anna Elliot with her entry: “Create a fun fair for the students at Christie Downs Primary where I mentor for KickStart For Kids.”

Anna is a volunteer at Christie Downs ‘KickStart for kids’ mentoring program and has fallen head over heels for the students of Christie Down’s Primary School, “I wanted to make a difference in their lives,” she said.

“The fair will be called the, Kickstart for Kids Funfair and we will hold it in 2016,” said Anna.

“We are going to get the kids involved in creating the fun fair for the school too, I want to empower the students to make decisions on how things should happen and give them life skills,” said Anna.

The Principal of Christie Down’s Primary School Gail Evans said, “We are excited and appreciative as a school by the graciousness of Anna Tilbrook from Kick Start for Kids donating $5000 from OTR to celebrate who we are as a school community. Anna is one of the Kickstart Mentors at our school that build positive relationships whilst assisting children to learn. We are a Kids matter school and I know to have a day celebrating the uniquness of every student at Christie Downs will have positive outcomes for our students and school community.”

Michaela Webster, OTR Chief Operating Officer said, “We are rapt to be giving a ‘best hour’ to a whole school community who will get some positive benefit out of it and most importantly get to celebrate together. It is the SA community that has contributed to the success of OTR and we love doing this.”

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