A guide to Adelaide’s best escape rooms

You can unleash your inner child, gaming enthusiast or adrenaline junkie in these escape rooms.

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Remember the games we played growing up around finding missing objects, solving riddles, and frantically fighting against time to escape a locked room and win? What a rush. Experiencing all that adrenaline and fun in real-life escape rooms, is pretty much our childhood dreams come true.

Escape rooms are a great choice for families and friends, tourists, gamers, enthusiasts, and even a team building session between co-workers.

Here’s a few picks for the best escape rooms in Adelaide.

Adventure Rooms

A live escape-the-room experience, perfect for groups of 2-68 people. Choose from a standard escape option for 2-7 players or a dual adventure of 8-14 players where one team competes with the other in a cat and mouse kinda style.

Rooms available are The Mad Scientist, The Black Queen, Gaol Break, Mafia and Speakeasy – all at different difficulty levels, so you can choose what you’re best comfortable with.

You have 60 minutes to escape in rooms locked with mysterious objects and you HAVE to think outside the box. After you’ve escaped, there’s a great range of drinks available at the Adventure Rooms Bar to help celebrate.

More info here

Escape Hunt

One of Adelaide’s most exciting venues, each brilliantly imaginative game takes place in a themed room designed with incredible attention to detail so you can really lose yourself in the experience.

Free yourself from a locked shark cage in Great White Killer before they come circling, rescue a deadly scientist before his secret formula is exploited in The Deadly Discovery, retrieve three precious objects from a sinister dark magician in The Collector’s Curse or puzzle your way through wonderland in Down the Rabbit Hole.

More info here

Mindshift Escape Rooms

Expect to take a journey into parallel worlds filled with intrigue. There are room available for all occasions, ages and abilities here. As soon as you step into the venue, the inner ambience will have you totally immersed in a different era.

Mindshift’s featured rooms are Bermuda Escape – interdimensional communications, Mission Metropol – dystopian time travel, Gypsy Manor – Paranormal investigation and Wizard Quest – to help save the kingdom.

To top it all off, you have bonus services of a dedicated event planner, a licensed bar, and dessert and grazing platters to enjoy if you like.

More info here


With Gen 4 technology, its the ultimate escape room experience – completely keyless! All your senses will come alive as you enter meticulously-detailed, fully automated, electronically-controlled rooms. Through the highly sensory setting, the rooms are designed to give you a more immersive feel like you’re literally a part of the whole thing.

Investigate a murder in A Deadly Dinner, plan and execute The Jubilee Heist, rummage through the Wild West in The Sheriff’s Scorn or work with chemicals An Experimental Discovery’s secret lab.

Escaplex also provides gift vouchers and hosts Christmas and birthday parties.

More info here

Esc Rooms

This is Adelaide’s newest escape room venue, being opened up by the young siblings Alana and Niko Pappas who were contestants in The Amazing Race.

Two of the three themed rooms are inspired by movies and we’re super keen to try them out. Saw is a horror themed room based on the Saw film franchise, where you have to serial killer Jigsaw’s slaughterhouse. The Hangover Room is light, comic and filled with confusion just like the movies where three friends get wrecked on their Las Vegas bachelor trip.

In the Spy Room, you’ll have to break into the UN headquarters to diffuse a bomb but it’s so hard, no one has actually escaped the room so far. You think you can be the first?

Check it out here

[Riddle Room is opening soon in Hilton. Keep an eye out here for this venue]

If you know of any other exciting escape room destinations in an around Adelaide, make sure to let us know by flicking us a message on Facebook or Instagram.

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