12 Of The Most Unusual Items You Should Try On Argo’s Enormous Menu

Nutrient-dense, healthy meals to die for, indulgent dessert-brunch to cry for, this is our guide to the hidden gems of Argo.

Argo has long been a favourite dining destination for both locals and tourists in Adelaide. The menu is extensive and inclusive, bursting with healthy meals, treats, lattes and smoothies.

Argo caters for every wellness trend imaginable, whilst also managing to offer a generous array of good old-fashioned cheat meals to salivate over.

If you’re looking to break out of the chains set upon you by the deliciousness of your go-to, or if you’re yet to experience this foodie wonderland, this is the list you may want to check out before visiting this iconic Adelaide establishment. 

Whether you’re currently keto, after a nourishing brunch for the body, or a meal suitable for the soul, behold the hidden gems of Argo.


Chicken Laid a ‘Cado

Grilled chicken and bacon burger, with avocado instead of bread. Done. What more is there to say?

Doused in creamy basil mayo and peppered with black and white sesame seeds, this dish is filling and keto-licious.

Keto Smoothie Bowl

It’s an age old question: what makes the perfect smoothie bowl? It has to be creamy but with a lightness, nutty and chocolatey without being too rich, and sprinkled with crunchy, flavourful granola, right? That’s what we learnt after a gulp of the Keto Smoothie Bowl.

Argo’s keto granola tops avocado, cacao, chocolate protein, almond butter, coconut whipped cream and coconut milk, blended into something that tastes far too good to be so healthy.


Hemp seeds, linseeds, chia seeds and natural protein powder cooked in coconut milk and combined with peanut butter and dark chocolate buds, to create what could almost be a soft, healthy brownie.

Freshened up with keto jam and thickened cream, crunched up with keto granola – the Noatmeal feels nourishing, wholesome and soul-warming.


The Rundown

If your smoothie menu hunt involves weighing up your options to find the perfect balance of choco-nutty richness, fruitiness without completely excessive fructose, and functionality in the form of protein and nutrition, once again, Argo has answered your call.

This thick, purple, peanut-buttery potion is a great guilt-free sweet treat. Pair it with a raw slice from the cabinet and you’re in healthy dessert heaven.

Mary Jane

This smoothie bulked with coconut oil, almond butter and hemp protein is thick, creamy and filling, yet refreshing, thanks to coconut milk and coconut water. Banana adds a light, fruity feel, and greens in the form of spirulina and kale do not overpower thanks to a sweet dash of maple syrup. Mesquite and maca join the party for an energy burst.

The Mary Jane explodes with nutrition, and still tastes fresh. With all those wellness supplements blended into one delicious elixir, you’ll get plenty of bang for your buck.

Tree of Life

Cashew butter, banana, lucuma and vanilla protein make a subtly sweet and creamy concoction, health-ified by spinach, kale and spirulina.  

The perfect way to get your greens in, and still feel satisfied and energy-boosted. Plus, it goes down very easily. A great introduction to greens for the health and wellness shy.

Something Sweet

Peanut Butter Espresso Jaffle

A thing of indescribable deliciousness, introducing the toastie of your wildest dreams. Crispy on the outside, soft and sweet on the inside. The thick and rich peanut butter, espresso Nutella and hazelnut filling, is balanced by the sweetness of the banana and strawberries, and the lightness of coconut cream.

Oozing through the cracks between bread, peanut butter crisps and banana caramelises on the outside, in the way that cheese does in your boring, non-dessert toasted sandwich.

This is not a dish for sharing. We wouldn’t wish a half-serve of this on anyone.

The Godmother

Crispy on the outside, deliciously doughy on the inside – this cinnamon French toast is an instant winner. If you’re a health nut with a brunch partner scared by places with words like ‘spirulina’ on the menu – one look at this dish will have them converted.

Not a health supplement in sight, this indulgent dessert brunch is topped with black currant gel, vanilla bean cream patisserie and fresh berries. A charcoal lychee meringue melts on the tongue, and honeycomb and maple syrup dress the dish for photos and tastebuds alike.

Add bacon or coconut soft serve, or both …

Something Healing

Gut Cleanser Shot

Aloe, beetroot, apple cider vinegar, black pepper, orange and ginger combine in this shot served prettily with splayed apple. The beetroot and orange mask the intensity of some of the stronger flavours.

Golden Vitality Shot

One for the turmeric lovers, this bold, orange health elixir serves up a dash of coconut water mixed with turmeric, ginger, lemon, cayenne pepper and orange. The Golden Vitality packs a flavourful punch, but is still very much enjoyable (and the ideal pop of colour next to your breakfast for that Instagram story).

Salads and Sangers

Number Five

Like a pizza sandwich, but vegan. Soft and crumbly vegan scrambled eggs, sautéed mushroom and baby spinach combine for a satisfying texture, mixed with barbecue sauce, cherry tomatoes and sriracha mayo for the suggestion of the classic chicken BBQ pizza – minus the chicken.

Oasis Budda Bowl

A beautiful blend of creamy and crispy, the creamy, coconutty brown rice with a hint of ginger lies beneath sautéed kale, sauteed broccoli, roasted sweet potato, avocado and crispy spiced chickpea.

The Oasis is the perfect salad for days you need a salad, but don’t want one. It’s moreish and satisfying, the sriracha mayo adding a creamy tang, the crushed almonds and crispy shallots adding that extra bit of crunch, for a mouth-watering bowl of greens that’ll be demolished before you can say ‘chlorophyll’.

You can find Argo in two Adelaide locations.

Argo on the Square, 4/211 Victoria Square, Adelaide.

Argo on the Parade, 212 The Parade, Norwood.


Nutrient-dense, diet-friendly meals to die for, indulgent dessert-brunch to cry for. Here’s your guide to the wellness-friendly good, the devilishly bad, and the Keto.

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